Michael Phelps’s Next Shark Race Better Involve Seal Blood And An Actual Shark

Screen constraint around Discovery Channel

Have we listened a news? Michael Phelps raced a Great White shark to flog off Discovery Channel’s annual “Shark Week” in style. Phelps vs. Shark: Great Gold vs. Great White aired Sunday night after months of anticipation, and it staid a doubt that we theory someone maybe suspicion of during some point: Could a biggest vital masculine tellurian swimmer improved an nautical marvel honed by centuries of expansion to tub by a sea and gnash on seals during high speeds?

We’ll never know, given a usually thing Phelps raced was a mechanism make-believe of a Great White shark. He admitted in interviews heading adult to a promote that he did not get in a H2O with a shark and afterwards competition it, that would have been insanely dangerous, and a uncover told viewers that a blocky unnatural shark was in fact not a fins-and-blood shark. Still, a “race,” finish with starting gun and thespian music, was treated as if it was indeed function and it done for some annoying television.

“At a 25-meter mark, a Great White accelerates and takes a lead for a initial time.” No shit, that’s what we automatic it to do. This is a spruced-up chronicle of one of those videos they play between innings in ball stadiums where 3 helmets competition and one territory gets giveaway pizza if their helmet wins, usually with a feign shark and a few dudes personification a whole event approach too straight. At slightest make it goofy, since, we know, you’re carrying a man fake to competition a shark.



The producers motionless to keep things thespian until a end, when a “shark” “surged forward of” Phelps and “won” “the race.” As a post-swim Phelps energetically told cameras after he had usually finished not racing a shark, “You unequivocally see a speed that a animal has, how many opposite gears they can switch into when they unequivocally need to.” No we don’t.

The shark never deviates from a true line or takes a thrust during Phelps, which, in an tangible competition opposite an tangible shark, would be a usually things that could make it a tighten finish. This might be putting too most meditative into what is a fake spectacle, though a engaging thing about a tellurian racing a shark is them avoiding or not avoiding a hundreds of obsidian-sharp teeth in a shark’s grill, not who has improved straight-line speed. Why not usually have CGI rise Michael Phelps competition opposite CGI rise Mark Spitz or something?

Phelps hosted an hour-long wayward Facebook Live this morning, observant “I had fun racing a shark” (which he didn’t do) and insisting it was not his error if viewers were burned into meditative he was racing a shark (perhaps by Discovery blurbs that betrothed “The Great White Shark meets a Greatest of All Time.”)

“You can trust whatever we want. Everything was possibly presented on-air during mixed interviews that we did via Shark Week or a commencement of a show,” he said, removing abrupt in response to another comment. “Sorry we feel that way. For me, this is something I’ve always wanted to do and we was respected to be means to do it. I’m contemptible that we feel that way, we feel really different.


Some people usually confirm not to listen to some of a things we do and that’s not my error that we don’t do that. It’s flattering easy to open adult your ears and listen to possibly what TV is saying, what announcers are observant or what I’m observant in interviews.”

Here is my super cold offer for a Discovery Channel: Have Phelps competition a live shark, usually give him a conduct start and put some arrange of protected breakwater on a other end. Account for high-end shark speed and assume Phelps will have a bad day, so ensuring that he probably won’t get eaten if he swims during a decent gait even if a shark goes sow furious and heads true to sup on Phelps’s world-class muscles. Put them in apart lanes if lawyers object. Cover him in sign blood if this sounds too tame, and there we have a makings of a estimable spectacle.

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