Michael Phelps to competition a good white during ‘Shark Week’

Better we than me, dude. (Getty Images)

Just when we yet it was protected to go behind in a H2O but circuitous adult in a enemy with Michael Phelps, a Olympic favourite is set to exam his eagerness once again. This time, though, Phelps will be putting his nautical bravery up against his many dangerous enemy yet: a good white shark.

Hey, he has zero left to infer opposite tiny humans, right? But now in retirement, Phelps does need to parlay his mythological jaunty career into high-profile gigs of several sorts, and so it is that he will star in this year’s installment of Discovery’s “Shark Week.”

Here is a breathless content about a wire channel’s “Great Gold vs. Great White” event, from Thursday’s news release per a renouned annual shark-stravaganza, set to atmosphere in late July:

“They are one of a fastest and many fit predators on a planet: Sharks. He is a biggest champion to ever get in a water: Michael Phelps. 39 universe records. 23 Olympic golds.

“But he has one enemy left to win. An eventuality so staggering no one has ever attempted it before. The world’s many flashy contestant takes on a ocean’s many fit predator: Phelps V Shark — a enemy is on!”

It’s not transparent accurately how Phelps, who turns 32 after this month, will be racing a good white. For instance, will it be a freestyle race, or maybe moth stroke? In any event, here’s anticipating there’s some-more separating Phelps from his enemy than only some floating line markers.

Phelps recently supposing a probable preview of what to expect, when he posted a print display a good white flitting ominously by a diving cage. “I was means to do something that we had always wanted to do,” Phelps said.

I was means to do something that we had always wanted to do. Be in a enclosure and dive with good White sharks 🦈!! #bucketlist

A post common by Michael Phelps (@m_phelps00) on Jun 10, 2017 during 9:52pm PDT

If that weren’t adequate excitement, Phelps will also learn “how to stay ease when a hammerhead swims dual feet above his face,” according to Discovery. That’s partial of an educational outing with the Bimini Shark Lab, whose staffers “dispel a misconceptions and common misconceptions” about a rapacious fish, that apparently didn’t embody all a ways that racing them tends to be a losing proposition.

Of course, Phelps-related programming creates adult only a tiny apportionment of “Shark Week.” Here are some titles to that viewers have to demeanour forward:

  • “Shark-Croc Showdown”
  • “Alien Sharks: Stranger Fins”
  • “Sharks and a City”
  • “Lair of a Sawfish”

Sounds like some folks will be glued to their screens like so many remoras. As for Phelps, best of fitness snatching feat from a Jaws of defeat!

(H/T NBC Sports)

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