Michael Phelps: The Unexampled Journey of 28 Olympic Medals

The pressures of training and a concentration on being a best did not always only uncover formula in a pool. They also took a fee on Michael’s personal life and reflected in some of a choices he made.  At 19, he was arrested for celebration and driving. In 2009, he was dangling for smoking marijuana, and in 2014 was again arrested for celebration and driving. Phelps has also oral about struggling with depression, low self-respect and even considering self-murder after a 2012 Olympics.

“I’m someone who always puts a many volume of probable vigour on myself that we can. So I’m always perplexing to reason myself accountable for all that we do, specifically in a training when we was competing. Just because, swimming is such an individualistic sport, so if we wasn’t training, I’m not going to perform well. So we put so most vigour on myself to sight each singular day as tough as we could. There was a proviso in my life when we went 6 years true but blank a singular day,” Phelps said.

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