Michael Phelps tested 13 times before Rio, is confused by others’ records






After a mythological career in a pool Michael Phelps is vocalization out on doping in ubiquitous competition. Today he asked Congress to safeguard an anti-doping complement is satisfactory for all athletes.

The numbers were baffling to Michael Phelps. Before a Congressional conference in Washington on Tuesday, he recounted being drug tested 13 times in a leadup to a Rio Olympics.

Many of his peers, though, did not face that same testing.

According to an Independent Observer news from a World Anti-Doping Agency, 1,913 athletes in 10 high-risk sports had no record of contrast in 2016. Swimming, lane and margin and weightlifting are among those deliberate high-risk sports.

But a series is indeed higher.

That same news remarkable 4,125 athletes — out of 11,470 reliable entrants in a athletes encampment a week before a Olympics — had no record of contrast final year before Rio.

“I can’t do anything about any other athletes,” pronounced Phelps, a winningest Olympian ever with 28 medals. “I’ve finished (out of foe paperwork) for 16 years.”


Phelps was one of 5 panelists to attest before a House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations. He was assimilated by Adam Nelson, who was re-awarded Olympic bullion from a 2004 Games some-more than a decade after after Ukraine’s Yuriy Bilonoh was nude of his pretension for a doping violation.

Both athletes recounted a impact of anti-doping on their lives, with out-of-competition contrast requiring them to contention their locale information and give samples when doping control officers call.

Phelps remarkable being woken adult during 6 a.m. on an off-day of training as an example.

“Those are a things that we’re doing as athletes to make certain a sport’s clean,” he said, “and we wish we could contend that about everybody else.”

Also testifying were U.S. Anti-Doping Agency CEO Travis Tygart, International Olympic Committee medical and scholarship executive Richard Budgett and World Anti-Doping Agency emissary executive ubiquitous Rob Koehler.

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