Michael Phelps teams adult with Colgate to champion Earth Day


Michael Phelps talks saving water, mental health and viral Masters photo

Olympic champion Michael Phelps discusses Colgate’s water-saving campaign, his advocacy toward mental health recognition and a Tiger Woods viral impulse during this year’s Masters tournament.

For a male who has spent many of his life in water, it’s no warn that Michael Phelps is returning as a face of Colgate’s water-saving campaign.

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“The normal chairman can rubbish roughly 900 cups a week,” Phelps told FOX Business’ Gerri Willis on Monday. “We’re here to remind we to spin off a faucet when you’re brushing your teeth.”

The 28-time Olympic bullion medalist visited a New York Stock Exchange to foster his water-saving beginning forward of Earth Day on Apr 22. This will symbol Phelps’ third year as Colgate’s Global Ambassador, where he’s lifted recognition about H2O rubbish and a significance of conserving H2O on a tellurian scale.


    Colgate has been a personality in H2O charge for a past 3 years. Aside from a partnership with Phelps, a association has grown a “Save Water” underline for Google and Amazon intelligent speakers, where users can hear H2O contribution and charge tips on command. The toothpaste association also combined a empty plaque that reveals a summary “Turn off a Faucet” when it comes into hit with water. This year, Colgate and Phelps are seeking Americans to be ‘water-saving champions’, spotlighting artistic new ways people can make changes to their daily H2O habits.

    Phelps pronounced carrying a family of his possess has encouraged him to take saving H2O some-more seriously.

    “I wish [my kids] to have a comprehensive best life they presumably can. So many tiny things we do on a daily basement could indeed assistance us ten, twenty, fifty years down a highway if we only spin a H2O off when we’re brushing. We’ve been really absolved to have entrance to purify H2O each singular day and it’s roughly like we take it for granted.”

    In further to water-conservation, Phelps has turn a heading disciple for mental health awareness. Admitting to pang from bouts of basin and anxiety, a Olympic swimmer pronounced opening adult about his issues saved his life.

    “We need to know that it’s fine to not be fine and take a low breathe from time to time… it helps,” he said.


    Phelps also talked about his viral impulse during this year’s Masters, where he was photographed station behind Tiger Woods, entertaining him on, only mins before Woods went on to win a vital tournament. He drew a comparison between Tiger’s large quip and his own.

    “We’ve both left by ups and we’ve both had a lot of downs. There’s zero improved than carrying that final large stand adult to a tip of a mountain.”

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