Michael Phelps talks depression, second baby

Michael Phelps non-stop adult about how he overcame his basin and stress and talked about his fad for his second baby.


Michael Phelps is opening adult about his conflict with basin and his flourishing family.

The 28-time Olympic medalist told Us Weekly that being means to speak about his conflict with basin and stress authorised him to overcome a “darkest part” of his life.

“For me, it was all about being vulnerable,” Phelps told Us Weekly. “I consider it’s frightful for a lot of people to consider about that word. we only wanted to change. we was to a indicate where we didn’t like who we was. we didn’t like looking during myself like saying a thoughtfulness that we see in a mirror. we kind of only tackled it head-on.”

Phelps pronounced communicating his feelings assistance him know his emotions. He pronounced a some-more open contention about basin and stress among athletes and stars has helped other people know “that it is OK to not be OK.”

Phelps pronounced he is “pumped” another baby will be fasten his flourishing family. Phelps and mother Nicole Johnson have a son, Boomer, and are awaiting another child.

“I woke adult [one] morning and she handed me a biography and pronounced open it. we non-stop to a print of them in a backyard with a pregnancy test. we was pumped!” he said.

Phelps is set to seem in a new documentary titled, “Angst,” to speak about his basin and being bullied. 

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