Michael Phelps says environment a good instance for his sons is ‘100 percent’ a priority for him (Exclusive)

Michael Phelps wants to set a good instance for his sons, Boomer and Beckett.

The record-setting Olympic swimmer, who has another on a approach with wife, Nicole Johnson, recently non-stop adult exclusively to AOL’s Gibson Johns about training his sons critical life lessons and values.

“One hundred percent [it’s critical to me]. There are things that we wish him to learn and values we wish him to lift by life,” Phelps explained. “It’s cold that, as parents, we get to mold a kids and assistance them knowledge all of these things in life. We wish to do a best that we can and give them a ability to do whatever they want.”

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One of a ways in that Phelps leads by instance is by doing tiny things via a day to foster H2O conservation, like branch off a faucet when he brushes his teeth. The 33-year-old contestant pronounced that his oldest son, who isn’t nonetheless 3 years aged and has over 700k Instagram followers, has been a healthy during duplicating him in that regard.

“Obviously, he won’t know all a stats, though Colgate has these small stoppers that we can put in your penetrate and, when a H2O is using for too long, they change color, revelation we it’s time to spin off a faucet,” Phelps, who partnered with Colgate for a Save Water debate for a third year in a row, explained. “For Boomer to be means to daydream that has been so useful to both him and us. He’s removing comparison and comparison and seeking some-more and some-more questions, so we’re entrance to a indicate where he can know some of a things we’re revelation him. He’s unequivocally into brushing his teeth mixed times a day, that is good, and that is something that’s fun for a father to see.”

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Not usually is Boomer training from his father, though he’s also already flitting things down — despite subconsciously — to his younger brother, Beckett.

“We’re training Boomer and he’s schooled so most already. It’s cold to see how most Beckett tries to take after and indication whatever his hermit is doing, too,” Phelps told AOL. “It’s implausible saying such a immature chairman being such a good purpose indication for his brother.”

Phelps also combined that going from one son to dual forced him and his mother to go “straight to man-to-man defense,” as their youngest has proven himself to wish to be only like his comparison brother.

“Beckett skipped a walking proviso and is right onto a using phase,” he laughed. “It happens so fast, generally when we have two. They impersonate any other and learn so most from any other. Beckett is training so most faster than Boomer did only since he has an comparison brother. Their interactions are great. Obviously Booms will give Beckett a hip-check from time to time, though they adore any other to genocide and it’s so fun to see how most they cuddle any other and how most of a assistance Boomer wants to be.”

Seeing how most their sons suffer spending time with one another has done a Olympian somewhat reduction shaken about welcoming another child after this year.

“Going from dual to 3 can be scary, though saying that unequivocally helps us be some-more during palliate and ready ourselves for series three,” he said.

Learn some-more about Michael Phelps’ partnership with Colgate here.

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