Michael Phelps ‘Raced’ a ‘Shark,’ Kind Of. Not Really.

The uncover also faced a problem that sharks and people are not allied swimmers. Not even close. Humans, even superhumans like Michael Phelps, float no faster than 6 miles an hour. Great white sharks strike 25 m.p.h. Phelps was given a monofin, that let him float faster than his world-record times. But he still wasn’t going to come anywhere nearby a shark’s tip speed. This positively seemed like a stumbling retard for an interspecies race.

Earlier in a program, scientists lured a shark with a feign sign to time a speed over 100 meters in a true line. Conveniently, a time they came adult with was in a operation of Phelps’s speed.

“I consider we did a best to try to make it as tighten as we could,” Phelps concurred to Entertainment Weekly.

As for a competition format, it’s not transparent if people approaching to indeed see a good white in a subsequent line over in an Olympic-size pool. But whatever they wanted, they didn’t get it. The module left people feeling cheated, during slightest a noisiest ones on amicable media.

“The whole indicate is to get people vehement about sharks,” Laurie Goldberg, a mouthpiece for a Discovery Channel, said. “The thought was, is it probable to get a world’s biggest swimmer rival with a shark?”

As for a shark’s speed, she said, “They are unequivocally good in bursts, though they don’t indispensably have continuation over a 100-meter race.”

And for those viewers who wanted closer hit between male and beast, “We’re not going to risk Michael Phelps’s life.”

She added: “In a initial dual mins of a show, we make it transparent we were not going to make it side by side.”


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At slightest one Twitter user mocked those who approaching Phelps to be in risk of being eaten.

Oh, a result? The shark “won” by dual seconds. And Phelps demanded a rematch. Of course.

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