Michael Phelps Opens Up About Prepping for His Second Child: ‘That Baby Could Come Any Day Now’

Coming soon! Michael Phelps and his wife, Nicole Phelps, are removing prepared to acquire their second child “any day now,” a contestant exclusively common with Us Weekly.

“We are so stoked for a second baby,” he told Us on Wednesday, Feb 7. “Nicole and we didn’t know what to design with No. 1, we’ve left by it with one child and now it’s going to be a same, we unequivocally went by a routine of training how to caring for a baby, so we feel a small some-more prepared, yet also know that dual is going to be very, unequivocally different.”

The span announced that they were expecting a new bullion of fun final Aug by posting relating photos to their amicable media accounts of Johnson, 32, holding their initial child, Boomer. “Number 2 on a way!!!! So excited!!” Phelps, 32, wrote during a time.

Michael Phelps Nicole Johnson Boomer
Michael Phelps, mother Nicole Johnson and their son Boomer arrive to a 2016 Golden Goggles Awards during a Marriott Marquis Hotel on Nov 21, 2016 in New York City. Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

“We kind of have a same opinion that we had for series one and wish for a best and all going as well-spoken as probable and anticipating for a healthy baby and training how severe it is,” he pronounced to Us. “We unequivocally are now focused on creation certain a baby is healthy and Nicole is happy and healthy.”

The swimmer also told Us that his 1-year-old son has rather of an bargain that a new baby is on a way, yet that it still competence means a bit of a shock. “It’s going to be a large awakening when we move home a new sibling,” a Olympic swimmer told Us. “I’m not disturbed though, he’s so good with kids naturally, so in terms of adding another to a mix, he’s going to be a good brother.”

The relatives have purchased a benefaction for their son forward of a second baby’s arrival, and now Phelps is on a hunt for a ideal pull benefaction for his wife. “We got a benefaction for Boomer and for a new baby to come home to, so now we only have to worry about my wife,” he told Us. “She got a small something final time and I’m looking for a benefaction for this time, yet time is using out, it feels that baby could come any day now, so my behind is adult opposite a wall. we have to find something soon.”

The 23-time bullion medalist suggested that this pregnancy has been opposite for them as a couple. “It’s been a good, beguiling one with me being here for this pregnancy,” he told Us. “Last time we was left to get prepared for a Olympics, so we was in Colorado Springs when Nicole went into labor.”

He added: “I’ve schooled to have calm with a initial child and now removing prepared for a second. I’m perplexing to be as useful around a residence and do all a chores and baby prepping a residence that we can, so Nicole can have it easier.”

The Olympian recently partnered with Krave Jerky and he credits a snacks for fueling his workouts, that he says are assisting him be a improved person. “The biggest thing for me is unequivocally operative out and perplexing to be some-more entirely intent in all that I’m doing,” he common with Us. “I have to get a workout, for my mind and to keep myself happy and sane.”

He added: “Working out creates it so we can be a improved husband, father and only all around improved person.”

The couple secretly married in Jun 2016 after dating on and off for 8 years.

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Michael Phelps Nicole Johnson Boomer

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