Michael Phelps opens adult about stress in documentary ‘Angst’

A new documentary about highlight argues that everybody to some border suffers from stress, nerves and amicable fear. And, to make their point, a filmmakers have enlisted as Exhibit A a many flashy Olympian in history.

Michael Phelps appears in “Angst” to share his story of being bullied and depressed, heading to serious anxiety. The Baltimore-born swimmer, leader of 28 Olympic medals, would demeanour in a counterpart and not like what he saw.

“Once we non-stop adult about that and things that we had kept inside of me for so many years, we afterwards found that life was a lot easier. we got to a indicate where we accepted that it’s OK to not be OK,” he says in a film.

“Angst,” an IndieFlix film designed to be screened during schools and village centers, facilities vehement interviews with children and immature adults deliberating their anxiety, along with recommendation from mental health experts and resources and tools. Phelps is like a robust exclamation symbol for what a filmmakers wanted to uncover — that even universe champions can feel low.

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