Michael Phelps on Expanding Family, Son Boomer’s Swimming Skills and Whether He’d Do Reality TV (Exclusive)

In August, Phelps and his wife, Nicole Johnson, announced that they are awaiting their second child, though they might not stop during two! “We always talked about three, so second one is on a way. We’ll see what happens,” he pronounced of expanding their family. “We’re going man-to-man now, and it’s substantially going to be some-more challenging. Boomer is during a indicate now where he’s using all over a place.”

Phelps combined that he is feeling a bit some-more prepared this time around, though doesn’t design it to get any easier. “For me, we was there for some of it though not all of it with Boomer ‘cause we was training and traveling,” he confessed. “With Nicole and I, it’s unequivocally perplexing to find a change of that any child gets a courtesy they need. we consider that’s going to be a challenge, a training routine for both of us.”

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