Michael Phelps of a Diamond

    Players went all Mark Spitz in a cave during Ole Miss’s Swayze Field and I’m not articulate about a sunflower seeds that are renouned among round circles. This is a video of Cole Catalano heading a assign in a coronation of a Catalano Wine Mixer, an annual eventuality in that college round players from around a republic deplane on a flooded cave to swim laps. 

    Much like Noah’s Ark, dual players of any position took a thrust into a temporary in-ground pool. Many people would cruise examination these round players doggie paddle by this path pool like retirees during a YMCA before a object rises some-more stirring than what they would have watched had it not rained. 

    These are a few other things that make these swimming ballers truly in A League of Their Own when it comes to doing things their approach and adhering it to Tom Hanks, America’s Dad.

They play cribbage in a cave during their games

They float llamas around campus

They dance like nobody is watching

They splash too most coffee and have full on conversations with pigeons and demeanour during people uncanny when they ask them what they are doing

They do fun chants like softball players like, “C’mon Steve, strike a ball, if we can’t do it, good that’s baseball!” (Baseball players rhyme round with round since they are still training a correct ways of art of softball chants; softball players make it demeanour easy though it is indeed a well-thought-out, perplexing routine that takes years to ideal like apropos a priest or training to float a llama)

They tone outward a lines in their adult coloring books

They applaud a spectacle of Festivus

When they get trapped between dual bases they call it a “Cucumber” 

Their favorite late night horde is Carson Daly

They still use MySpace and get in exhilarated debates about who is in who’s Top Eight

When they play Truth or Dare they select a third choice that is, of course, Marry

They review a final judgment of a book when they are about dual thirds of a approach through it

They change a lyrics of songs to tailor them to round like, “IIIIIIIIIIIII wanna play locate with someBODY, we wanna margin grounders with someBODY” and, “SomeBODY once told me a universe is gonna hurl me, we ain’t a biggest round of a sports” and who could ever forget this gem, “Now you’re only someBODY that we used to throw” (they are singing a final two from a viewpoint of the baseball)

They dance like Drake is examination and they are doing a Hotline Bling dance to impress him 

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