Michael Phelps’ new ‘PhelpsMoji’ has a emoji each Baltimore …

Michael Phelps is a #brand now, a luminary whose mere initials can lift an attire line, whose Facebook Live streams emanate news stories, whose baby has some-more Instagram supporters than you, probably.

So while in one sense, Phelps is not like, say, Brand Queen Kim Kardashian, in another … he kind of is.

Phelps’ rollout of PhelpsMoji — a swimming- and Baltimore-centric chronicle of those smileys and characters we see kids these days texting in lieu of created difference — is radically his answer to Kimoji. Except there’s approach fewer unprotected buttocks.

Available for $0.99 on Apple and Android products, PhelpsMoji doesn’t duty as a local app on something like an iPhone. Want to send a smooth Phelps to your BFF Jill? Open adult a app, collect an emoji or animation, adjust a size, save to your phone or copy, afterwards pulp and, after throwing your breath, send away. In other words, it competence take we a time it takes Phelps to cover 50 meters in a pool.

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