Michael Phelps Jokes About Angry Face Meme, Plays Egg Russian Roulette With Jimmy Fallon

He’s won more Olympic bullion medals than any other athlete, though Michael Phelps was “nervous” about removing tender egg on his face when he played Russian roulette with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show on Thursday, Sep 1.

But before a span played a diversion with reasonably flashy eggs, a swimming champ, 31, talked about one of a funniest memes to come out of a 2016 Rio Olympics — Phelps’ pre-competition indignant face.

“As I’m creation a face, I’m like, ‘Yep, that’s on camera. Someone will collect that one adult tomorrow,'” a new father explained as Fallon pulled out a life-size cutout of a picture and joked that a indignant face done him think, “Not usually is he going to kick me during swimming, he’s going to murder me.”

Phelps also talked about Boomer, his 3-month aged son with fiancée Nicole Johnson, who became a mini star as he watched his father from a stands in Rio while dressed in a array of darling outfits

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The swimmer explained that he and a former Miss USA competitor “didn’t wish a normal name,” for their first-born child and had no backup name picked out for him. “He’s really going to be a cold kid,” he added, indicating out that Boomer’s has 670,000 followers. “He’s got to be a many followed baby in a world!”

Fallon also joked with Phelps about associate swimmer Ryan Lochte‘s robbery scandal, with a champ smiling as he pronounced that he “didn’t get a memo” to join Lochte and 3 other U.S. swimmers when they vandalized a gas station in Rio after a large night out.

Watch a video above to see Phelps and Fallon face off as they play egg Russian roulette.

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