Michael Phelps Joins Board of Mental Health Company

Olympic swimming fable Michael Phelps has assimilated a house of Medibio, an Australian medical technology company, according to a Baltimore Sun. Medibio has grown new record that helps diagnose mental health disorders such as basin or ongoing stress. Phelps was allocated to a house on Jun 5th.

While Phelps’ concentration outward of his possess swimming career has mostly enclosed bringing recognition to a competition generally, anti-doping, and H2O safety, he’s also begun advocating for mental health. In doing so, he’s cited his possess knowledge with mental health emanate and has helped others commend theirs.

“I have privately gifted Medibio’s record and trust it can assistance make a surpassing impact in diagnosing mental health and lenient people to find a assistance and support they might need. In sports, there is so most concentration on a earthy aspects of performance, and athletes are analyzed from conduct to toe. But for many athletes, mental health has not been a subject of focus, and a information research aspect of it has been blank adult until now.”

In further to his work with Medibio, Phelps was also recently named a honorary chairperson of National Mental Health Awareness Day 2017 by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. He and formet teammate Allison Schmitt, a associate Olympic bullion medalist, were a recipients of SAMHSA’s Special Recognition Award for their mental health advocacy.

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