Michael Phelps is Back in a Cereal Game

Michael Phelps is no foreigner to a cereal industry. Of course, any ‘athlete on a cereal box’ review contingency start with Wheaties: a cereal famous for featuring athletes, and generally Olympic athletes.

In 2016, Phelps perceived a special Lifetime Achievement Box from Wheaties, that was his 3rd coming on a box and a first-ever Lifetime Achievement box awarded by a General Mills-branded cereal.

But Phelps’ life as a cereal monger doesn’t stop there. This year outlines a decade given he finished his debate as a featured contestant on Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes and Corn Flakes brands. Phelps took a lot of feverishness from a certain shred during that era, where he had promotional deals with both a sugar-heavy Frosted Flakes cereal, and another favorite healthy-eaters aim McDonald’s.

You can still buy an aged ‘collectible’ Frosted Flakes box on Ebay for $4.65 (+ $5.45 shipping), no cereal included.

But Phelps has changed on to a 3rd of a vital cold cereal brands, as he’s sealed a understanding to assistance foster a Quaker brand Life Cereal.

Phelps and his oldest child, 2-year aged son boomer, are rising a national competition where relatives can enter their children for a possibility to try-out for a mark on a Life ad.

Phelps is a wise claimant for a spot, given a brand’s initial vital ad campaign, featuring a immature picky eater named “Mikey,” whose brothers exclaim “He likes it! Hey Mikey!” on finding that their immature kin is passive of a treat.

This is partial of a latest focus by Phelps in his post-swimming life from compelling brands that relied on ‘fueling him,’ emotionally or physically, as an athlete, like Under Armour and Subway, to ones some-more reliant on his new temperament as a family male with 2 children, and a 3rd on a way. His advertisements have increasingly featured his family, including sons Beckett and Boomer and mother Nicole: a former Miss California USA.

This Mikey likes it! And so does Boomer! Life Cereal is a tasty choice that my whole family loves. That’s because I’m…

Posted by Michael Phelps on Tuesday, Apr 9, 2019


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