Michael Phelps Gets Candid About Dealing with Depression: ‘I Put it Away for a Long Time’

Though he is a many flashy Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps still deals with daily mental health issues.

Phelps, 33, has been outspoken about his struggles with basin and stress for some time, though tells PEOPLE it took him a while to get there.

“I apparently put it divided for a prolonged time and never unequivocally plainly talked about it,” he explains now.

However, a certain feedback he has gotten has cordial his probity on a subject even further. “Just conference stories from people walking on a travel or being in a airport, they will come adult and share only a tidbit of what they have left by or what a desired one has left through,” he tells PEOPLE.

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“I consider it is overwhelming to be means to see and uncover that these people and heroes that people adore and demeanour adult to are normal people,” he continues. “We go by bland struggles like normal people do.”

And Phelps is versed with methods that beam him by dim moments.

“Swimming is always something that helps,” he explains. “Working out is something for me that we have to do. Six or 7 days a week right now. But that is all my physique knows. It is all we did for 20 and years.”

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Phelps also, of course, finds fun in a family he has formed. He and his wife, Nicole, are expecting their third child. The integrate already has dual sons, Boomer, 2, and Beckett, 14 months.

While he promises he is “done” with destiny Olympic appearances, Phelps still has a concentration on water, portion as a Global Ambassador for Colgate for their “Save a Water” campaign, that prioritizes conserving H2O in a country.

“I consider there is so many things we can do together, only to help,” he says. “If we leave a H2O using while we are brushing your teeth for a week straight, we rubbish 900 cups. But it’s like, something like that is so simple.”

He continues, noting, “We take it for postulated since we have had it for so prolonged and this is something we consider is always going to be there, though it is not. We unequivocally need to change how we live a bland lives to make certain we have this changed apparatus forever.”

With his courtesy separate between his family, mental health recognition and conservatory efforts, Phelps is assured his new life goals are no reduction critical than his time in a Olympics.

“The things we am doing outward a pool have a bigger impact than in a pool,” he tells PEOPLE. “From a personal standpoint and from a tellurian standpoint, being means to potentially save a life or give someone a event to have purify celebration water, we consider this is something we have to have.”

Continues Phelps, “I saw retirement as being different, and we consider retirement from my competition is substantially harder than swimming. It is a training knowledge and we am training a lot about myself and life that we never unequivocally learned. It is a cold tour and we am vehement to see where a universe takes us.”

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