Michael Phelps discusses viral Masters impulse behind Tiger Woods


What I’m Hearing: Golfweek’s Steve DiMeglio spoke with a series of PGA stars following Tiger Wood’s win during a Masters and they all were in astonishment during a superstars comeback.

It was his initial time being during Augusta National for a Masters and it’s an knowledge he’ll never forget.

Michael Phelps spoke with NBC Sports and “Today” on Wednesday about his revisit to Augusta National, focusing especially on what it was like to mount behind Tiger Woods on a 16th hole as Woods was on his approach to winning his initial vital in 11 years.

“Being means to watch him and how in control he is of each singular thing on a golf course. we feel like each step is so distributed and each tiny small fact he pays so many courtesy to. It’s something we can describe to,” Phelps told NBC Sports as he recounted a Masters final turn on Sunday.

Phelps pronounced he has a crony who is a member of Augusta National and he was invited to attend a final turn progressing in a week.

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When asked how he achieved removing such good seats on a 16th hole as Woods putted his approach to winning a fifth immature jacket, Phelps told “Today” he only got lucky.

“We met some good people that offering us a chair to lay subsequent to them during some flattering cold spots and that was one of substantially a coolest shots and coolest things I’ve ever seen live in sports and unequivocally in golf,” Phelps pronounced of Woods’ tee shot on a 16th hole. “Just examination Tiger come back. Watching him be means to do that, get behind on tip of a mountain, it’s only so cool.”

The 23-time Olympic bullion medalist didn’t go neglected on a 16th hole Sunday. He finished adult on CBS’s promote and a screenshot of him appearing only as heated as Woods fast went viral.

Because no dungeon phones are authorised on a march during Augusta National, Phelps didn’t know he was featured on a promote until later.

“I consider that was substantially a many sparkling partial about not carrying your phone. You know what we mean? You unequivocally get to truly suffer where we are and saying what you’re saying so we had a integrate texts when we got behind to a house,” Phelps pronounced on “Today.”

Even yet Woods’ concentration was only on his diversion Sunday, Phelps is flattering certain a 15-time vital leader knew he was during a event.

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“I consider he knew we was there since we was station when he walked out of a hall (before his round), and it looked like somebody pronounced something to him about it, like one of a guys walking out with him,” Phelps told NBC Sports.

Phelps told NBC Sports a dual achieved athletes met in 2004 in New York City for a video diversion launch.

“Through a mutual friend, only reached out, attempted to do whatever we could if he indispensable help, wanted to ask questions, rebound ideas,” Phelps told NBC Sports. “I’ve left by a lot that other people haven’t left by in a sports world. we only wanted to support. Tiger is one of my favorite athletes to watch, being a outrageous golf nut.”

While a dual are both champions in their particular fields, a tie that connects Woods and Phelps is many some-more surpassing since it’s secure in perseverance.

In 2004, a 19-year-old Phelps was arrested for pushing underneath a change in Maryland. In Feb 2009, he was dangling for 3 months by USA Swimming and mislaid his Kellogg’s sponsorship after a print of a swimmer regulating a bong went viral. In 2014, Phelps was dangling once again by USA Swimming, this time for 6 months after another detain involving speeding and pushing underneath a change of ethanol in Baltimore.

At a 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, he won one china and 5 bullion medals to retire as a many flashy Olympian of all time.

In May 2017, Woods was arrested for pushing underneath a change of drugs or ethanol nearby his home in Jupiter Island, Florida In Oct 2017, he pled guilty to forward pushing and was given one-year probation.

Despite a hardship, Woods was means to redeem himself on Sunday. And Phelps desired each moment.

“I’m removing chills right now,” Phelps pronounced to NBC Sports as he recounted Sunday’s final round. “The possibility to see (Tiger Woods) during that place be means to come behind when everybody counted him out. It’s cold since we kind of have an thought of what that feels like, climbing behind to a tip of a mountain. Having a possibility to see him do it on his terms with his kids there, we was mute for dual days.”

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