Michael Phelps shielded his much-criticized competition opposite a unnatural shark

Michael Phelps’ much-anticipated competition opposite a good white shark wasn’t opposite a real-life good white shark. To some, it didn’t matter that both Phelps and Discovery were transparent about a shark simulation, fans wanted to see Phelps float side-by-side opposite an 8-foot-long peak predator since that’s a universe we live in.

When a uncover aired, Phelps mislaid to a digitized good white by dual seconds.

Come Tuesday, a 23-time Olympic bullion medalist hold a Facebook Live event and took questions from fans. The argumentative Phelps vs. Shark competition predictably came up, and Phelps shielded a whole experience.

The first answer comes during a 12-minute mark. Phelps said:

“Everybody wants to collect on something or contend something or protest about something, so we had fun racing a shark. And saying those animals adult tighten and personal. If somebody indeed wants to get in a H2O and competition corresponding with a good white, go ahead. You’re not going to get a shark to float in a true line. And, uh, yeah, it would be engaging to see. We’ll leave it during that.”

He continued during a 17:40 mark:

“Scott, we can trust whatever we want. Everything was possibly benefaction on atmosphere during mixed interviews that we did via Shark Week or a commencement of a show. Sorry we feel that way. For me, it was something we always wanted to do. we was respected to be means to do it. So, I’m contemptible that we feel that way. we feel really different.”

Obviously, Phelps wasn’t going to float subsequent to a good white in open water. Even putting reserve aside, it would have been unfit to get a shark to float in a true line. Some viewers suggested that Discovery should have combined a 100-meter, corresponding tank to apart Phelps from a shark, though that wouldn’t have been realistic.

Despite a fan complaints, Phelps would be peaceful to competition a shark again.

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