Michael Phelps Calls His Thanksgiving Turkey Trot a ‘Worst Idea in a World’

  • Michael Phelps competence be a most flashy Olympian of all time, though he motionless to stay in his possess line when it comes to racing.
  • Last year, he ran a Turkey Trot, and recently told NBC Sports that using a 5K was a “worst thought in a world.”

    Swimmer Michael Phelps might have 23 Olympic bullion medals to his name, though it looks like he has motionless not to enhance his racing repertoire.

    Phelps recently suggested in an talk with NBC Sports that final year he attempted a 5K on Thanksgiving—and it did not go well. Though he says he won a race, he also pronounced violation a fasten became a battle, between himself and an 11-year-old girl.

    “That was a misfortune thought in a world,” he told NBC Sports.

    For one, as he went on to explain, he was flattering certain he was still traffic with plantar fasciitis, and it had been a unpleasant recovery. Additionally, he’s not accurately a runner: “I don’t run, and we don’t do anything outward of a water,” he said.

    “I don’t know if I’ll ever do that again,” Phelps told NBC Sports. “I did win it, so we consider I’m going to retire on tip there.”

    Though a swimmer has no difficulty fending off world-class foe during sprints in a pool, using races on land did not go as swimmingly.

    “I had to pull myself to get a win. we had to reason off, we think, an 11-year-old girl. And I’m not kidding. She was drifting down a mountain entrance after me.”

    Phelps, who is an disciple for mental health and soon-to-be father of three, pronounced he finished in around 25-and-a-half or 26 mins for his second using race. His other foe went likewise poorly: He was walking, and manager Bob Bowman upheld him.

    “He didn’t unequivocally let me live that one down. we always offer a rematch, though he’s not peaceful to take it,” he also pronounced in a interview.

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    Later in a interview, he combined that he is past deliberation a quip for a 2020 Olympics. It looks like Phelps is going to retire from both using 5Ks and swimming on top.

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