Michael Chiesa happy Conor McGregor is no longer ‘robbing’ UFC lightweights of pretension shot

Now that UFC skeleton on stripping dead lightweight champion Conor McGregor once one punch is thrown between Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov during UFC 223 on Apr 7, a rest of a 155-pound multiplication can breathe a whine of relief.

Since claiming a UFC lightweight tag with a knockout win over Eddie Alvarez during UFC 205 in New York City, “Notorious” has not usually unsuccessful to urge a title, yet he hasn’t even competed in churned martial humanities (MMA). Instead, McGregor has dedicated his time to scoring a once-in-a-lifetime payday conflicting undefeated fighter Floyd Mayweather Jr. this past summer, radically putting his UFC career on ice for what is now 16 months.

As a result, a UFC lightweight multiplication has been handling yet an active champion, that has burnished some of a improved names in a tip 15 a wrong way. For an determined pretension contender like former Ultimate Fighter leader Michael Chiesa, McGregor removing nude of a pretension is a welcomed sight.

“The biggest thing we need, is we need movement,” Chiesa pronounced during a new coming on Submission Radio (shown above). “The 155-pound multiplication has been log-jammed so many times. When Anthony was champion he had some injuries that reason him out for a while, we know, so a multiplication got tangled up. And afterwards we had some movement, and afterwards Conor [McGregor] won a pretension and we’re tangled adult again, and we know, we usually gotta keep a wheels in motion.

“It’s usually good to see. Conor’s a two-time champion, yet he can’t usually lay and reason a belt and keep us all waiting. You know, there’s a lot of tough guys jockeying for their position to be series one, and we usually have so most time in this sport, so we can’t let one man sack a garland of us of a opportunities to quarrel for a belt.”

Even yet a pretension quarrel between Ferguson and Khabib should assistance emanate some arrange of sequence during 155 pounds, “Maverick” understands that McGregor will get a initial moment during a belt when he decides to lapse to MMA. That means Chiesa will have to wait even longer to get his hands on his possess pretension shot.

“You gotta design that [McGregor]’s going to quarrel a leader of [Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson]. You know what we mean?” explained Chiesa. “So, a approach we demeanour during it is, by a time we get to quarrel for a title, we consider McGregor will kind of be out of a equation. we still gotta get by Anthony Pettis, we still substantially got dual some-more fights before I’m series one contender, and we consider in that time camber he would have changed on.

“I consider he’ll come back, quarrel Khabib or Ferguson, substantially Nate and afterwards he’ll be on with himself, and we consider by afterwards it would be ideal timing for me to burst in and be champion. So, I’m not all too disturbed about that, I’m usually focused on myself, I’m focused on a charge during hand. we can’t highlight too most about a destiny and what’s going on with Conor.”

First things first, Chiesa contingency get by former UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis when a dual accommodate during UFC 223 in Brooklyn, New York. It will be Chiesa’s initial Octagon coming given removing choked out by Kevin Lee during UFC Fight Night 112.

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