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The Miami HEAT face a Golden State Warriors Sunday night during Oracle Arena. Tip-off is set for 8:30 PM, and radio coverage is on FOX Sports Sun. You can also listen to a movement live on 790 The Ticket.

1: What happened down a widen in Sacramento?

Couper Moorhead: Their offense usually arrange of fell apart. Defensively a HEAT weren’t really opposite in those final 6 minutes, usually they were now fortifying possession on possession after blank one of their possess shots that authorised a Kings to get out and run. For many of a initial half Miami was executing during a best, constantly forcing their competition into prolonged assistance rotations with their common package of pick-and-rolls and handoffs. Just like in Portland, any time a Kings seemed staid to make a run, a HEAT found a approach to fibre together creates – Wade was quite large in both games – to keep a lead around double digits. But when a Kings kicked their invulnerability into high rigging all turned. Miami stopped removing open looks and a turnovers, such a demon this season, started arrangement adult again.

We’ve seen Miami have extensive descent lulls during a finish of games before, and up-tempo teams can positively go on runs when you’re blank shots. What substantially undone Erik Spoelstra a many were a lax balls they weren’t means to get, dual of that led to second-chance scores from Harrison Barnes and Buddy Hield. They won’t always strike their shots, nonetheless built into this team’s domain for blunder is that they rest on out-hustling their opponents. Friday night, a Kings won a big-time 50-50 plays.

Joe Beguiristain: Simply put, a HEAT usually got cold.

After defeat a round around and receiving good looks in a initial half, Miami’s offense got low and Sacramento took advantage. Then when we cause in a HEAT’s 13 turnovers after a break, we see because they came adult brief in a end.

And nonetheless a outcome was rather disappointing, Miami’s pointy invulnerability shouldn’t go unnoticed. In further to rising to a arise with a team-high 9 points on 4-of-5 sharpened in a fourth, Josh Richardson positively wreaked massacre on a defensive finish and paced a patrol with 3 blocks and a 94.0 defensive rating. Hassan Whiteside, meanwhile, led a approach with 12 contested shots and 5 deflections.

All told, a HEAT hold a Kings to usually 99.0 points per 100 security after Sacramento entered a night with a 108.9 descent rating.

That’s flattering good.

2: How has a introduction of DeMarcus Cousins to a starting lineup altered a Warriors?

Couper: Since Cousins done his entrance opposite a Clippers on Jan 18, a Warriors are 8-1, outscoring opponents by 14.1 points per 100 possessions. The starting lineup with him in place of Kevon Looney has scored 119.1 points per 100 in 81 minutes, and that organisation is undefeated when it plays. So, yes, a already incredibly-great Warriors got even greater.

Cousins gives them a dimension they haven’t had before, however. Even when a group effectively substituted Harrison Barnes for Kevin Durant a few years ago, they radically substituted one skillset for a many maximized, MVP-level chronicle of that same skillset – prolonged wing scorer and defender – in a league. Golden State has never had a large male of Cousins’ turn before. Typically they’ve had play finishers and plain shade setters in a middle, with some plain passers in a brew over a years. They’ve never had someone like Cousins who can radically do everything, shoot, pass, score, defend, miscarry and pull a round in transition. He’s lifted their descent roof even higher, and defensively, with Cousins looking about as good as we could flattering design entrance off a ripped achilles, they no longer have a same weaknesses to prolonged and clever centers in a paint.

We’ve pronounced this before about a Warriors, nonetheless it’s probable they’ve fabricated a singular best and many versatile lineup a joining has ever seen.

Joe: Although Kevon Looney is a really clever defender who done some sound in a 2018 Finals, DeMarcus Cousins is usually a whole opposite beast. As Coup mentioned above, Cousins can fire a three, hoop a ball, finish during a edge and urge during a high level.

In particular, that flexibility has been on full arrangement over a past 3 games, as Cousins is averaging 17.0 points, 7.0 rebounds, 3.7 assists, 1.7 blocks and a take per competition during that span. And now with him in a fold, Golden State has a starting 5 that could radically be an All-Star group given any man in a lineup can do mixed things on both ends of a building and change a mettle of a diversion in an instant.

Before we hang adult this question, it’s critical to note that Cousins is on a mins limitation until after a All-Star Break. Now, he did go a small over his 25-minute extent on Friday opposite a Suns due to Draymond Green removing ejected, nonetheless that was a special case.

Regardless of how many run Cousins gets, we know he’s going to make a many of it.

3: What are Miami’s win conditions going to be Sunday night?

Couper: The good thing about a Warriors, for their opponents, is that they’re so good in so many opposite ways they can infrequently flip on journey control during a unchanging season. Just Friday night, for example, they let a Phoenix Suns hang around for a spell before putting them divided by double digits in a fourth quarter. Considering their all-time pedigree, infrequently we usually need a Warriors to assistance we out by not personification a full 48 minutes.

Whatever happens, a HEAT will substantially have to play their best diversion of a deteriorate adult and down a roster. That means attack their threes, gripping their turnovers down and relocating a ball. All things they need to do on a nightly basement as partial of their common winning formula, they’ll usually have to do them all during a same time. There aren’t any shortcuts Sunday night.

You know what positively has to happen, though? The Warriors can't fire well. They are 23-0 when commanding 40 percent from three. In their usually detriment in law of 2019, they shot 28.9 percent from deep. When Miami famously kick them on Dion Waiters’ diversion leader dual years ago, they shot usually 26.7 percent. You see a theme. Miami has had some success in a past going as tough as they can over a tip of screens and contesting Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, nonetheless during a finish of a day we have to make all their open looks as contested, even slightly, as we can. And if we over-pursue during a arc, Golden State is copiousness gentle vital in mid-range, where they also occur to be a best sharpened group in a league.

At their best, Golden State doesn’t have many weaknesses anymore. There isn’t anything on paper we can undisguised exploit. The best we can do, and what we have to do, is try and get them to not be their best, that means forcing turnovers and contesting threes.

Joe: The Warriors are back-to-back champs for a reason, nonetheless there are a few areas Miami could exploit. First off, Golden State tends to get a small dispassionate with a round during times meaningful it could expected fire a approach out of it really quickly. In fact, a Warriors concede 17.1 points off turnovers, that ranks them in a bottom half of a joining in that metric. If a HEAT can hasten defensively and win a 50-50 battles, they competence be means to get some easy ones on a other end.

On a flip side of a ball, it’s needed that Miami moves a round around and fires from low if guys are open. While Golden State is holding teams to a flattering low commission from downtown, a group is giving adult 25.7 non-corner three-point attempts per game, that is among a many in a league.

At a finish of a day, though, this is a Warriors we’re articulate about. Any teenager smirch they do have can be masked or eradicated with a crazy emanate during any given moment.

Long story short, a HEAT will have to be prepared for one of their toughest hurdles yet.

Game Notes:

  • The HEAT are 25-28 on a year, while a Warriors enter a competition during 39-15.
  • Josh Richardson has shot 52 percent opposite Golden State in his career, that is his second-highest commission opposite any opponent.
  • Stephen Curry leads a Warriors in scoring during 28.7 points per game.
  • Dwyane Wade (Back Contusion) is questionable, while Derrick Jones Jr. (Right Knee Bone Bruises), Goran Dragić (Right Knee Surgery) and Yante Maten (Sioux Falls Assignment) sojourn out.

Efficiencies (Rank):

  • HEAT Offense: 105.9 (23)
  • HEAT Defense: 106.4 (6)
  • Warriors Offense: 116.0 (1)
  • Warriors Defense: 108.5 (14)

For live in-game updates of Sunday night’s contest, follow @MiamiHEAT, @CoupNBA and @JoeBeguiristain on Twitter.

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