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It’s time for a new Capitals Mailbag! You can review Wednesday’s Part 1 here.

Check out Part 2 below.

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Please note, some questions have been edited for clarity.

Nathan S. writes: Lots of new discuss among DC sports media and fans about how Nats fans usually aren’t as ardent as in many other cities and that DC fans in ubiquitous aren’t good sports fans. The Caps fans seem an apparent disproportion to that nonetheless a atmosphere was mostly moving in playoffs before group kick a Penguins in a 2018 playoffs. In your view, how does Capital One Arena review to other cities in a unchanging deteriorate on average? In playoffs, a place can get both rough and moving nonetheless Canes fans were unequivocally louder in 2019 playoffs.

The conflict on D.C. sports fans is a subject we could write about forever for hours. we do not know given Washington as a city seems to get singled out, though it is totally ridiculous. First, a Nationals arrange 16th in MLB attendance above teams like Cincinnati, Cleveland and Pittsburgh. I do not know given a group should be bashed for carrying normal attendance, especially for a group that usually returned to D.C. in 2005 and does not have a same story as a group like a Yankees or Dodgers.

The reason given ball is experimenting with clocks and drudge umpires is that seductiveness in a whole competition of ball is down, not given of a pointless Nationals game. That is totally overblown.

The city of Washington is a transitory city. There are a lot of people here from a lot of other places who come here to live and it is also an easy place to get to, trade aside. The outcome is that some-more roving fans finish adult going to games definition a lot of Cowboy fans, Phillies fans and Penguins fans. That is a thoughtfulness of a city’s race and geography, not a fan bases.

You ever try to get to Pittsburgh? It’s not easy. It’s no consternation given they have such a good home crowd.

I do not know given in a inhabitant scene, Cleveland cornered a marketplace on squalid sports teams for so long. From 2005 to 2018, a Cleveland Cavaliers done it to a NBA Finals 5 times and won once. When a Capitals won a Stanley Cup in 2018, they did not usually snap a championship drought from 1998. The fact is that no Washington group from a 4 vital sports even done it to a discussion or joining final given 1998. Everyone looks during Cleveland fans and says good for we afterwards they rabble Washington for being a rubbish sports city.

At some point, teams have to transparent their fan’s faith in them. Blind faith is not a pointer of a good fanbase, it is a pointer of stupidity.

Sorry for a tangent there, though we find this whole subject ridiculous. No one could contend Philadelphia’s fans are not passionate, though we would rather have Washington sports fans and not have to worry about someone intentionally throwing adult on a child given they cheered for a wrong team when we go to games.

For Caps fans specifically, a usually legitimate critique comes from how a throng reacts in a playoffs. After years of playoff disappointments, a clarity of terror began to strike in a postseason. Whenever something went wrong, fans would fast turn deflated. The locus would always be packed, shrill and rough during a start, though a impulse something went wrong it would take a breeze out of a Caps faithful. Excitement incited to panic, that incited to cynicism. When Washington finally got past a Penguins in 2018, people could clarity a waves was branch and a throng responded. Those crowds for a discussion final and Stanley Cup Final were good and they were loud. That clarity of terror was gone, even in moments like Game 6 opposite Tampa Bay when a Caps had mislaid 3 true and were confronting elimination. The throng was with them afterwards and it was with them final year even when sealed in a tighter than approaching array with a Carolina Hurricanes. we consternation if a honeymoon duration from a Stanley Cup will blur this year in a postseason, though we will have to wait and see.

But in terms of support, besides a postseason panic, a Caps have a good fanbase altogether and this is transparent on a highway as good as during home. we went to a diversion in Pittsburgh in 2009 and if we had to guess a number of Caps fans there we would put it somewhere in a hundreds. This altered drastically in a final few years, even before Washington won a Cup. we went to a diversion in San Jose in 2017 and we would estimate about 15 to 20-percent of a throng was wearing red.

Washington fans are great, they usually get a bad swat for whatever reason.

Roger B. writes: we don’t know a Caps’ mindfulness with Christian Djoos. At 5’11 and 170, his miss of distance and strength concede a Caps’ ability to win puck battles and transparent a crease. Unlike other younger blueliners in a organization, he doesn’t plan to being a tip 4. Why not trade him to get underneath a top and keep Pheonix Copley as word for Braden Holtby in 2019?

I’m not certain “fascination” is a best approach to put it. He is entrance into this deteriorate expected competing with Jonas Siegenthaler for a final mark in a lineup and we doubt he will play 82 games this season. we do not consider that qualifies as “fascination.”

The Caps played 24 playoff games in 2018 on their approach to a Cup. Djoos played in 22 of those games. The dual he did not play were waste to Columbus.

Djoos’ distance will never not be a cause and he clearly rubbed it improved in 2017-18 than he did in 2018-19. There is no denying he got pushed around some-more so final season, though he also had a critical damage and we do not consider he was totally 100-percent when he returned.

Djoos has had one good deteriorate and one bad season. we consider wanting to see that defenseman is closer to a law is wholly reasonable, it usually stings a bit given we consider a arbitrator’s endowment of $1.25 million held everybody off-guard.

Having pronounced that, it is satisfactory to indicate out that a Caps have a boatload of left-shot defensemen both on a register and among their prospects. The reason given we do not trade Djoos now, however, is given we would not get anything behind for him. At all.

Djoos is entrance off a bad year, he has usually dual years of NHL knowledge so we are not certain that actor he unequivocally is, he is small and each ubiquitous manager in a joining knows Washington needs to strew salary. The Caps would be removing no value in a trade whatsoever.

If a register is improved of with Djoos on it in a No. 6/7 purpose and he has no trade value afterwards there is no indicate in trade him. If a group can make a income top work they are improved off with Djoos as a No. 7 than Tyler Lewington.

Greg C. writes: What goes into a team’s top sum besides salaries? we ask because, according to Cap Friendly (as of 8/13), a Caps’ sum salaries (not including Jonas Siegenthaler’s) for 19-20 sum $81,000,128, though their top strike is $82,864,294. What creates adult a difference?

Not certain given we would not embody Siegenthaler’s. The Caps will positively wish to lift 7 defensemen into a deteriorate and Siegenthaler will roughly positively be one of those seven.

If we supplement Siegenthaler’s salary, we get $81,714,294. Then we have to supplement $1.15 million for a carryover reward overage chastisement from final season.

Performance bonuses do not count opposite a income top until they are earned. When bonuses are earned, a group still needs to fit within a income cap. If it does not, afterwards a reward overage slides to a subsequent deteriorate and count as passed space.

Bonuses put Washington over a top final deteriorate and a remaining $1.15 million carries over to 2019-20. Add that into a group salaries and that is given a Caps are during $82,864,294.

I overtly have no thought how to answer this question, we usually enclosed it given of a response from Bottoms Up.

Thanks for all your questions! If we have a doubt we wish to be review and answered in a subsequent mailbag, send it to or use #CapsMailNBC on Twitter.



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