Meet a Democrats and independents who wish to reinstate Paul LePage as Maine governor

Democrats and independents aiming to reinstate Gov. Paul LePage in Jan tell 50 States of Blue that their categorical concerns embody a state economy, health care, opioids, and removing vast income out of campaigns.

The essential Mar 15 filing date for celebration possibilities whittled Maine’s vast margin of gubernatorial hopefuls down to some-more docile figures. The remaining possibilities are seeking to benefit adequate voter support from Maine’s 16 counties to reinstate Republican Gov. Paul LePage, who took bureau in 2011 and will empty his Augusta bureau in Jan due to tenure limits.

The Maine Democratic Party congress on Mar 4 constructed historic turnout for a party, and Democrats are feeling noticeably assured about their chances given a party’s new special choosing victories opposite a country.

The 7 Democrats competent for a place on a primary list in Jun embody Maine Attorney General Janet Mills, former Maine House Speaker Mark Eves, profession Adam Cote, former Biddeford Mayor Donna Dion, state Sen. Mark Dion, former state Rep. Diane Russell, and lobbyist Betsy Sweet.

In a state with a clever tradition of caring from independents, including former administrator and stream U.S. Sen. Angus King, non-party possibilities holding their possess in a competition embody communications consultant Alan Caron and stream State Treasurer Terry Hayes.

The Maine Green Independent Party has members opposed for other state and metropolitan races, though did not place a gubernatorial claimant on a ballot.

Candidates subordinate for caring in a Republican primary embody 3 portion members of a state legislature: House Minority Leader Ken Fredette, Senate Majority Leader Garrett Mason, and Senate President Mike Thibodeau. Rounding out a GOP margin are former Maine Department of Health and Human Services Commissioner Mary Mayhew and businessman Shawn Moody.

50 States of Blue spoke to Democratic and eccentric possibilities about a state of their campaigns, and pivotal issues during this point.


Adam Cote

Adam Cote explained that his debate has an bulletin of formulating jobs and building a economy.

“There are so many critical issues we are conference about, though a one thing that is many transparent is – Mainers know this economy is not operative for everybody and we need new leadership,” Cote said, adding that he has widespread his summary to impending supporters by 430 debate events, some-more than 80 residence parties, and 32 downtown tours.

“The fact that my hometown was one of a few that built a new high propagandize and vocational core while we served on a propagandize board; a fact that we am a usually claimant with 16 years of purify appetite knowledge who knows how to build Maine’s purify appetite economy; a fact that my caring has been tested by 20 years as a fight veteran,” Cote said, “these are all things that are resonating in terms of a form of new caring we need to get Maine relocating in a right direction.”

Mark Eves

Eves is a on-going who has gained endorsements from distinguished state progressives and Democrats, including 16 stream and former state member and dual other gubernatorial candidates, Sean Faircloth and Patrick Eisenhart, who recently forsaken out of contention.

“Our debate continues to feel clever movement and support from Democrats opposite a state,” Eves said. “Together we will move reason and politeness behind to state supervision in sequence to safeguard health caring for each Mainer, make a rich compensate their satisfactory share to entirely account a schools, and pass effective, common-sense gun reserve laws.”

The Eves debate done news progressing this month when it fired a staffer, Brandon Maheu, due to passionate nuisance allegations that flush after he was hired though before he had started work on a campaign.

“Mark knows he done a right preference to glow Brandon and was beholden to a dauntless lady who came brazen to share her story,” debate orator Jodi Quintero told 50 States.

Janet Mills

Mills lifted some-more income than her competitors in a past entertain and collected over 4,000 signatures from upwards of 140 communities. Campaign orator Michael Ambler credited a support to Mills’s “track record of station adult for on-going values and removing discernible results.”

Ambler pronounced Maine electorate are looking for “someone who shares their values, and someone with a education and expertise to retreat a repairs from a LePage administration and get Maine behind on track.”

He pronounced Mills’s work on seductiveness of Mainers fits that bill, and has enclosed “blocking LePage’s attempts to flog thousands of low-income children off healthcare, station adult to Trump’s attempts to remove environmental protections or dissolution DACA,” and operative to finish a state’s lethal opioid crisis.

Betsy Sweet

Sweet was a initial Democratic claimant to validate for a Jun primary, announcing on Mar 12 that she had submitted some-more than 2,300 assignment signatures from over 130 towns. Expecting to validate subsequent month as a Clean Elections debate – a module charity state appropriation after possibilities acquire a smallest series of $5 donations to a Maine Clean Election Act – her idea is to turn “Maine’s initial on-going lady administrator in history.”

Sweet pronounced these are “critically critical times and we have an ancestral event to do things really differently.” Her primary concentration is universal, single-payer health care, not usually for a health of Mainers though also for a state’s mercantile well-being. Also high on her bulletin will be a under-resourcing of the opioid crisis response, traffic with child abuse complaints, Medicaid expansion, and pursuit creation.

“What is many critical is … listening to people closest to a problem for effective solutions,” she said. “Those voices are mostly drowned out now by vast income in politics – vast donors, PACs, special interests. We have to get income out of politics in sequence make swell on a many dire issues for Maine families.”

Donna Dion

Dion pronounced she was late nearing to a 2010 gubernatorial race, blank a Democratic signature acquiescence deadline by 3 minutes. This year she assimilated late again, announcing her candidacy in Jan — though was means to assemble adequate signatures in time to place her name on a ballot.

Dion, a self-described “conservative Democrat,” says she wants to concentration on financial issues.

“We contingency be a many effective with a supports though minimize a weight on a adults of Maine,” she said. “My summary has no domestic tags, only a need to offer all adults of Maine.”

Dion says that her 6 years portion concurrently as a mayor and propagandize cabinet chair in Biddeford, as good as her some-more than 20 years as a financial executive of dual nonprofits, have supposing her endless bill and financial formulation experience. She is also focused on affordable health caring services, while looking to safeguard pursuit opportunities and a well-trained workforce.

“My compensation is to not be connected to PAC or any special seductiveness funds,” pronounced Dion, stressing she will work underneath Clean Election discipline regardless of either she qualifies for a appropriation program. “I wish my seductiveness to only be a seductiveness of a adults in Maine, who are a business owners, a retirees, a workers, students.”

State Sen. Mark Dion

Mark Dion (no propinquity to Donna Dion) absolutely submitted adequate signatures a day before a deadline final week.

“I demeanour brazen to assembly many some-more Maine electorate as they cruise their choices for a initial ranked-choice ballot in a state primary election,” Dion said.

Dion’s many obligatory priority is a opioid epidemic, according to debate Communications Director Doug Rooks, who pronounced other goals embody giveaway village college fee to boost pursuit chain and larger support for a University of Maine system.

“Longer term, expanding Medicaid quickly and comprehensively, as a electorate motionless final November, is vital,” Rooks said, adding that Dion also hopes to urge state law of hospitals and health caring providers to safeguard reasonable costs and a accessibility of essential services, generally in farming areas.

Diane Russell

Russell, a former state deputy from Portland, did not respond to a ask for comment.



Alan Caron

Caron pronounced his debate is on lane to strech a compulsory 4,000-signature threshold for independents to join a ubiquitous choosing pool.

“In a competition with some-more than 20 candidates, we have been among a tip fundraisers,” Caron said. “At a finish of 2017, we had lifted $280,000 in contributions, putting me in fourth place.”

He pronounced his concentration is on “building an economy that is different and volatile and builds on a strengths” in Maine.

“The initial step is to spend reduction time perplexing to attract jobs from divided and some-more time growing them here, from a belligerent up,” Caron said. “Jobs that are deeply secure in Maine communities and driven by creation and entrepreneurs. We contingency focus, in particular, on small- and mid-sized production that can sell Maine-made products to a universe that is inspired for flawlessness and quality.”

Terry Hayes

Hayes, a state treasurer, did not respond to a ask for comment.


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