Meet Cubs’ Carl Edwards Jr. in LA, and afterwards give him a damn round – Chicago Sun

WASHINGTON – Carl Edwards Jr. had dual vicious severe spots during a Division Series opposite a Nationals.

He also had a signature impulse in between, has a 10th inning of Game 7 of a World Series on his resume, and if we don’t consider he’s in line to be a Cubs’ closer someday (next year?), afterwards we haven’t been examination a approach Joe Maddon uses him or listened to Edwards talk.

Even after walking both batters he faced in an four-run eighth inning that buried a Cubs in their Game 4 loss, Edwards spoke with confidence, wanted a turn again and even done it transparent he approaching to get it opposite a Dodgers in a subsequent turn of a playoffs.

“I know for a fact that [Kyle Hendricks] is going to be on,” Edwards pronounced only before a Cubs’ Wednesday night licence to Washington for Thursday’s wilful Game 5. “He’s only going to go out there, and we’re going to have fun, and we’ll see we guys in L.A.”

Carl Edwards Jr. after a eighth inning of Game 3 opposite a Nats.

Give him credit. He got it right.

But give him even some-more credit for what it says about his certainty and maybe even his destiny — both this postseason and relocating brazen in his career purpose with a team.

“I adore it,” manager Maddon said. “You have to have a genuine brief memory to be unequivocally good during that sold job. He’s been good. Even after a home run by Harper [that tied Game 2], he came behind and had a unequivocally good tour right after that.”

That was Game 3, when Edwards struck out Harper overhanging during a strikeout heading off a eighth during a Cubs’ 2-1 victory.

“It only didn’t play out [Thursday],” Maddon said. “This kid’s going to be so good over a subsequent several years. You have to assistance beam him by it during this moment. we adore a fact that he does eject negativity rather quickly.

“He’s going to be unequivocally good. He’s already unequivocally good.”

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