Matt Kemp’s fingerprints are sparse via baseball

“I knew he was going to be special,” Evans said. “I knew he was going to be a good basketball actor since of his size. When you’re that large in baseball, we have a large possibility to be special. And Matt was.”

Kemp’s singular capabilities have carried him via his career. He will make his third All-Star coming Tuesday, and his on-the-field characteristics have trickled via any classification he has played for.

Kemp was traded from Los Angeles to San Diego after a 2014 season, and he spent a subsequent deteriorate and a half with a Padres. During a 2016 season, he was traded to Atlanta, where he played 171 games by dual years.

Rocky Gale, a catcher for a Oklahoma City Dodgers, played with Kemp during a 2015 deteriorate in San Diego. Gale pronounced Kemp stood out from a initial day he met him.

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