Matt Kemp went on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ and suggested how he schooled he’d been traded behind to LA

The Dodgers are on an implausible run right now and have non-stop adult their largest lead in a National League West all season. So, with an off-day on Thursday, Matt Kemp took a mangle from his common slight of examination TV to hang out with Jimmy Kimmel. Dressed in a span of black Capri pants, black coupler and one of those effortless, surely-incredibly-expensive white T-shirts that conform bloggers contend are a must have, Kemp discussed his offseason examination regime (how many weight did he lose? “Enough”), Yasiel Puig‘s antics and what it’s like to play in front of a Dodgers’ fans. 

Perhaps many engaging was a story he told about when he schooled he had been traded behind to L.A. in a offseason. 

“I was during lunch with a garland of friends, and one of a friends was about to introduce to his girlfriend. He was perplexing to devise out how he was going to do it. we got a call from my representative who told me we got traded. we asked him where and he started shouting and, I’m like ‘What?’ and he said, ‘You’re going behind to a Dodgers,’ so we started fist pumping.” 

The uncover also came on a heels of Matt Kemp bobblehead day and Kemp and Kimmel debated over how realistic a figurine was. Kemp pronounced that it was flattering mark on as they prisoner a hunger connect on a behind of a jersey and even a immature eyes.

You can review a dual and watch a full talk below: 

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