Matt Kemp To The American League Makes Sense For Dodgers

Pitchers and catchers and upheld round specialists news to Camelback Ranch Feb 13. Matt Kemp is scheduled to arrive — to one side of a two-team formidable or another — shortly thereafter.

Matt Kemp. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

From a moment the Dodgers re-acquired Kemp from a Braves in a big-money trade Dec 16 it’s been insincere that a 33-year-old outfielder would be dumped on another club for income relief, or usually plain dumped. The “conventional wisdom,” that frequency deserves that descriptor, says Los Angeles will have problem anticipating a taker, with a DFA a near-certainty.

To that we contend “oh contraire, Dodger Dog breath!”

While critics roughly gleefully indicate to Kemp’s defensive runs saved and bottom using rankings, a male can still hit. The on bottom percentages aren’t what they used to be, though a slugging percentages are. In a 3 years given withdrawal L.A. Kemp has slugged .470, usually a bit off of his .488 lifetime. That’s with some-more than half his games played in cavernous Petco Park. And like many a designated hitter before him, he’d expected lift his diversion (and his numbers) offensively given a possibility to concentration on that one ability full-time. In a American League.

It’s time. Time to transition to DH. Kemp to a AL usually creates sense. The doubt is, to whom? And some-more importantly, how do we work out a finances?

Kemp has $43 million remaining ($21.5 million any for 2018 and 2019) on a eight-year $160 million agreement signed following a 2011 season. The Padres are on a offshoot for $5 million of that money. Including settlement and salaries of group tranquil actor estimates heading to a group payroll pronounced to be between $183 million and $191 mil as of this morning, depending on that opening we listen to, a Dodgers can advantage from each penny saved between now and Opening Day Mar 29.

The idea is to get below MLB’s 2018 $197 million threshold, to not usually equivocate oppulance taxation payments for 2018, though to reset a penalties going forward. Moving any partial of Kemp’s agreement helps. Four million, 6 million, 8 million. Every penny saved helps.

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