Matt Kemp – a best power-hitting outfielder in a NL

Baseball writers and many Braves fans seem to forget that Matt Kemp strike some-more home runs than any other outfielder in a National League final year. So let me remind them. Matt Kemp strike some-more home runs than any other outfielder in a National League final year.

Matt Kemp is a best power-hitting outfielder in a National League, nonetheless as a still-new member of a Atlanta Braves all we hear about is how lousy Matt Kemp is as a defender.

Matt Kemp is now not a best fortifying left fielder. Nor is he a worst. But it’s left field, not core margin and teams have been putting hoary players who can hardly margin in a corners given a commencement of time.

And if Matt Kemp is a terrible fielder, a usually chairman who forgot to review a memo is Matt Kemp.

Who would we rather have in a NL East other than Matt Kemp in left field? I’ll give we Christian Yelich(who we hold as maybe a many underrated actor in baseball), but he’s changeable over to core field. You’d rather have Howie Kendrick? Michael Conforto? Jayson Werth? Please stop. You’re annoying yourself.

Matt Kemp is a power-hitting left fielder. Nothing more. Nothing less. And we am good with that.

Since fasten a Atlanta Braves final season, he strike .280 with 12 homers and as we saw, a offense of a whole group had a quick turnaround once a group insert him and Dansby Swanson. And many to a discomfit of Brian Kenny, some of that competence have been attributed to group chemistry.

Matt Kemp strike some-more home runs than any other outfielder in a NL during a position that is traditionally slated for power-hitting ball players and literally nobody talked about it. Why? Because he plays for a Atlanta Braves and people are overly spooky with defense.

If Matt Kemp showed adult this year a accurate same distance and figure as he was final year, I’d still take him over many NL left fielders. But he’s mislaid weight and is reported to be a initial to arrive and a final to leave bland during Spring Training.

Call me crazy (and we saber nerds adore to do that), though we consider Matt Kemp has as good of a shot as anyone to win his third Gold Glove this year. And I’ll contend it to your face.

Besides, when you’re a left fielder subsequent to a best core fielder in baseball, a pressure’s off.

But severely – Look for Matt Kemp to urge his invulnerability in 2017 and demeanour for him to strike his common 30-something home runs and afterwards demeanour for me to twitter repulsive “I told we so” tweets from a tip of a towering somewhere.

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