Matt Kemp has exceeded expectations so distant with a Braves

Back in a offseason, one of my categorical concerns with Matt Kemp was either or not we’d get a notoriously slow-starting chronicle of Kemp or if we’d see a one who helped reanimate what had been a asleep Braves offense adult until his arrival.

You don’t need me to tell we that Kemp’s been doing a flattering good pursuit during a image so distant this season, though it still good to observe a stats — he’s now attack .345/.381/.608 with 10 HRs and 160 wRC+, that has been good for 1.3 fWAR. Simply put, a male has exceeded expectations so distant this deteriorate and has finished adult being a take of a understanding in what was ostensible to be a mutual income dump trade with a Padres.

Matt Kemp in 2017 has already been value one some-more fWAR than he was for entirety of a 2016 deteriorate (0.7 fWAR) and unless his prolongation usually totally falls off of a precipice (or it turns out that he pulled a retreat of his normal trends and instead of starting out delayed and finishing on fire, he’s come out of a gates fervent and will finish a deteriorate on a vital cold down), he’s on lane to have a best deteriorate he’s had given his “glory days” with a Dodgers.

So naturally this brings adult a subsequent question: Can he keep this up? Weirdly enough, it could count on if he can continue attack like he can divided from a ostensible hitter’s bliss of SunTrust Park. He’s been attack during a decent shave in Cobb County (.303/.352/.455 with 113 wRC+), though he’s been positively raking whenever a Braves leave, as evidenced by his condense line of .371/.400/.705, that includes an ISO of .333.

A lot of his success in a destiny will count on usually how many he cools off on a highway and/or heats adult during home. If his home/road splits turn off (especially on a road, given there’s no approach that that’s going to be sustainable) afterwards he’d still be on lane for a flattering decent deteriorate — usually not one that’s got him in line for All-Star care like he’s now experiencing right now.

There’s also a appearing ghost of injuries. He’s in his age-32 deteriorate with arthritic hips, and while it would be illusory if he could equivocate a extensive army on a DL — that he did conduct to lift off behind in Apr when he usually missed a handful of games due to a hamstring aria — that’s always something that we worry could locate adult to him. Granted, he’s averaged around 153 games played for a past 3 seasons so he has been durable in that camber though during a same time we also wish that this isn’t a year that it catches adult to him. So while it hasn’t been a vital issue, it would be poetic if it remained a teenager emanate that’s usually in a behind of my paranoid mind instead of relocating into a forefront as an issue.

New York Mets v Atlanta Braves

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Meanwhile, there’s another thing that we could worry about, and that’s what a lineup would demeanour like if he were to be traded. Fortunately for this year’s team, we indeed consider that it’s a bit doubtful that Matt Kemp will be traded. He’s set to make $19 million a year for a subsequent dual seasons, so unless another group wants to give adult prospects and also turn another group from whom Matt Kemp collects checks from, afterwards a cost tab could be a bit too high for many teams to meet.

Additionally, a Braves seem to have a brood of other, cheaper trade chips during their disposal, so if/when a group decides to sell, they could drop into those resources instead of potentially relocating Kemp. Jon Heyman recently came adult with a list of 70 players who he could see attack a trade block. Six Braves were on that list, though a subject of this blog post was conspicuously absent.

Plus, a thought of a Braves carrying a lift to SunTrust Park is also an option. If Kemp is still attack like he is by a time a trade deadline rolls around, them usually carrying him around would be profitable for a gate, and deliberation it’s still a initial season, a Braves are substantially still going to wish to keep one of their categorical draws around city in an bid to keep a coming of remaining rival — for improved or worse as distant as a long-term group building is concerned.

Of course, John Coppolella could lift another quick one on us all and find a approach to get a customer to take Matt Kemp off of a Braves’ hands, though in my opinion there isn’t a outrageous possibility of that happening. I’d contend that Kemp’s in it with Atlanta for a subsequent deteriorate or so.

Atlanta Braves v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

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If Matt Kemp can continue producing like he has given donning an Atlanta Braves uniform, afterwards gripping him around wouldn’t be a misfortune thing in a world. He’s finished all of a right things given being acquired, and his prolongation has exceeded expectations as well.

Considering a resources surrounding his attainment in Atlanta, a Braves have each right to be gratified with what they’ve gotten from Kemp so far, and if it continues afterwards that will usually be a pleasing bonus.

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