Mario & Sonic during a Tokyo 2020 Olympics gameplay shows off Yoshi skating

When Mario, Sonic, and their pals lapse to a world’s biggest sports theatre in Mario Sonic during a Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, they’ll be partaking in a Olympics’ newest competitions, Nintendo announced Tuesday during a E3 2019 Nintendo Direct presentation.

Karate, skateboarding, competition climbing, and surfing are creation their Olympic debuts in Tokyo, and a gameplay footage of Mario Sonic during a Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 during a Nintendo Direct showed off Sega and Nintendo characters competing in some of those activities. Other sports showcased in a trailer embody Olympics mainstays like boxing, soccer, swimming, and gymnastics.

The diversion will offer a accumulation of control schemes, including suit controls with a Switch’s Joy-Con pads, as good as multiplayer in internal split-screen and online play. Mario Sonic during a Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 will be expelled this Nov exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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