Manu Ginobili saved a San Antonio Spurs, nonetheless usually behind a inevitable

By now, you’ve seen a play a thousand times and from each angle. Knowing James Harden indispensable to take a 3-pointer with a time ticking toward all-zeroes, Ginobili leaped first, assembly a MVP claimant during a peak of his shot for one of a biggest blocks of this NBA season.

Regardless of how a 2017 playoffs shake out for a Spurs, that play will go on an unconstrained loop in Ginobili’s career highlights — and it wasn’t only his invulnerability that carried a day in Game 5, given that San Antonio led 110-107 when he came divided with that rejection.

Every time a Rockets threatened to lift away, Ginobili kept a Spurs in a diversion with a large play, including a momentum-shifting dunk, since age is apparently an illusion. He had only 12 points though combined 7 rebounds, 5 assists, and many importantly, didn’t dedicate a turnover.

Truly, Ginobili saved San Antonio’s deteriorate on Tuesday night, silencing anyone who questioned because a destiny Hall of Famer came behind for another year.

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