Manu Ginobili finalizing agreement to lapse to Spurs

11:44 AM ET

Four-time NBA champion Manu Ginobili is finalizing a agreement to lapse for his 16th deteriorate with a San Antonio Spurs, joining sources told ESPN.

On Wednesday, he reliable on Twitter that he is returning for a 2017-18 season.

Ginobili will spin 40 subsequent week. He skeleton to pull behind retirement for during slightest one some-more season, joining sources said.

Ginobili is one of a many flashy ubiquitous players in basketball history, a three-time NBA All-Star, an Olympic bullion medalist and a Euroleague MVP. Ginobili done $14 million in 2016-17, during that he averaged 7.5 points and 18.7 minutes.

The Spurs are also operative to finalize a new understanding with free-agent core Pau Gasol, joining sources said.

Gasol declined his choice for a 2017-18 season.

A four-time NBA champion, Ginobili has played in 992 regular-season games and done 212 postseason appearances, while being named an All-Star on dual occasions, in further to garnering All-NBA approval twice.

Considered one of a creators of San Antonio’s enlightenment of selflessness, Ginobili, for 15 seasons, has wowed crowds with an array of radical moves, crafty passes and arguably a league’s many dangerous Eurostep.

Ginobili ranks in a tip 5 in Spurs authorization story in games (992), points (13,467), assists (3,838) and steals (1,349).

The tour continues for Manu Ginobili, pitch of ‘The Spurs Way’

With a character like no other, Manu Ginobili’s lapse for a 16th deteriorate is glorious news for a transitioning Spurs — and NBA fans in general.

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  • In Game 3 of a discussion finals this year, Ginobili poured in 21 points to spin a initial actor 39 or comparison to measure 20 or some-more points off a dais in a playoff diversion given a NBA began tracking starts in 1970-71, according to investigate from Elias Sports Bureau. Ginobili contributed 17 points in Game 1. Ginobili’s dual highest-scoring playoff games over a past 3 postseasons came in a array opposite a Warriors.

    Despite Ginobili’s age, a ensure still offers profitable personification time for a Spurs. Ginobili did skip his initial 15 shots of a playoffs, heading many to consternation either it was time for him to call it quits.

    “You know, for moments, we felt like we didn’t [have anything left] in a Memphis series,” Ginobili said.

    Then, in a second round, Ginobili unexpected seemed to spin behind to clock. In Game 5 of a discussion semifinals, Ginobili blocked James Harden’s final try from behind to safety a Spurs overtime victory. It noted a initial time Ginobili had ever blocked Harden’s shot, something of a attainment in itself deliberation a Rockets ensure had attempted 862 3-pointers during a season, including a playoffs, with only 13 of those shots being blocked, according to investigate from ESPN Stats Information.

    At a time, Ginobili had played his many mins (31:46) of a postseason and contributed 12 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists in a win. In a second quarter, Ginobili, a lefty, flashed his heading aptitude for a thespian with a driving, wrong-footed right-handed dunk. The maestro also sent that diversion into overtime with a pushing maladroit layup.

    Then, in a discussion finals, Ginobili pulled together dual of his best postseason outings over a past 3 years.

    ESPN’s Michael C. Wright contributed to this report.

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