Manning and Rivers perpetually related by Draft Day trade

Eli Manning and Philip Rivers have frequency ever seen any other on a same field:

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – For dual players related by one of a many distinguished trades in NFL history, Eli Manning and Philip Rivers have occasionally been on a same margin during a same time.

They were a starting quarterbacks when a Giants and Chargers met in 2009 and 2013. And yet they have been comparison to play in a total 10 Pro Bowls, they’ve never opposite any other or been teammates in a game. They were both comparison in a same year usually in 2011, yet Manning didn’t go to a Pro Bowl since a Giants played in Super Bowl XLVI.

On Sunday, a dual 14-year veterans will again share a margin when a Giants horde a Chargers in MetLife Stadium. But a fight of dual of a best quarterbacks of their era, who were traded for any other on a day they were drafted, is some-more an afterthought than a storyline.

It has been eclipsed by a 0-4 record any group totes into a game. The Giants and Chargers are both unfortunate to acquire their initial feat of a season.

And conjunction Manning nor Rivers cruise this a personal duel. They cite to plead a success of their 2004 breeze class, that includes Pittsburgh’s Ben Roethlisberger. The 3 quarterbacks were among a initial 11 players comparison that year. Rivers and Roethlisberger have opposite any other 5 times, including a 2008 AFC Divisional Playoff Game. Sunday’s diversion will be usually a third Manning-Rivers confrontation, yet quarterbacks wouldn’t use that word.

“I consider apparently you’re always going to be linked,” Rivers pronounced this week. “I’ve gotten to know Eli a small bit over a years, and have always pulled for him and reputable a career he’s had. So yeah, it’s always fun. we consider he would substantially contend a same thing, you’re not personification a other quarterback. But positively he and we going behind to that draft, you’re always going to be linked.”


“I don’t consider I’ve ever unequivocally suspicion about it in that way,” Manning said. “In one way, we consider we are always unapproachable of your breeze class, and we take some honour in your breeze category and generally a other quarterbacks. we theory after a few years we start saying that Ben is doing well, and Phil is doing good and doing some good things. we consider we base for those guys in a sense, since we wish that your breeze category will be talked about as a special one, and a lot of times they speak about a quarterbacks.”

The quarterbacks were firm together for football perpetuity on Apr 24, 2004, when Manning was comparison initial altogether by a Chargers, and Rivers was comparison fourth by a Giants. Manning had pronounced regularly he didn’t wish to play in San Diego, and a dual teams afterwards engineered a trade, with a Giants promulgation Rivers, their 2004 third-round preference and initial and fifth-round picks in a 2005 breeze to a Chargers for Manning.

Neither group has ever regretted a deal. Manning was a many profitable actor when a Giants won Super Bowls XLII and XLVI. (Roethlisberger is 2-1 in Super Bowls, giving a 2004 quarterbacks category 4 titles.)

Manning and Rivers enter a diversion with identical statistical resumes. Manning has started 203 uninterrupted regular-season games, a longest strain among all active players. Rivers is second with 180 true starts. Manning has won 108 regular-season and 8 postseason games. Rivers’ totals are 97 and four.

This is where a dual quarterbacks arrange in NFL story several statistical categories:

The usually series possibly quarterback is endangered with this week is putting a “1” in a win column. 

“It’s still about perplexing to get that win, perplexing to acquire it, try to feel good about what you’re doing,” Manning said. “We have a lot of games left. Nothing some-more critical than this subsequent one and we’re going to contest a tails off and go get a win.”

If they get it, it would be Manning’s initial opposite a Chargers. He is 0-3 opposite a group that drafted him, losing to them when Drew Brees was a quarterback in 2005, and to a Rivers-led group in 2009 and 2013.

This could good be a final Manning/Rivers meeting. Barring a corner Super Bowl appearance, a Giants and Chargers won’t play any again until 2021. Manning would be 40, and Rivers will spin 40 on Dec. 8 of that year.

“I theory there’s a chance, unless we both make it to that diversion in February, this could be a final time he and we play any other,” Rivers said. “Who knows? we don’t know if we’ll both be rolling 4 years from now. We’ll see, we guess.”

Right now, they’re some-more meddlesome to see what happens on Sunday.

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