Manchester United v Real Madrid: International Champions Cup – live!

José Mourinho has guaranteed “100%” that David de Gea will not be sole by Manchester United to Real Madrid or any other club for a entrance season.

The manager was vocalization in California’s Palo Alto before Sunday’s debate assembly with Real in San Jose. De Gea scarcely changed to a Spanish bar dual years ago before a send fall on a final day of a 2015 summer window.

United are fresh themselves for a serve bid so Mourinho’s matter could be a summary dictated for Real.

“I can pledge that he’s not going this season, that we can, and my feeling is it will be really formidable for him to go. Because he’s a really honest boy, really straight,” he said.

Mourinho suggested United authorised De Gea, who has dual years left on his terms, a choice of either to pierce to Real.

“He was contacted for a prolonged time [by Real],” a 54-year-old said. “The bar was close, afterwards we open since we always have this feeling of when a actor has a enterprise to go we don’t like to stop players to go since in a finish we don’t get what we design from them if they wish to pierce and they don’t.

“I don’t consider a feeling from him [towards Real] is really good. we see him really happy and focused and operative improved than ever so for me 100% he stays with us.”

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