Lydia Ko trending so prohibited she’s withdrawal Tiger Woods’ win outlines in a dust

Lost in a Henrik Stenson-Phil Mickelson stupidity from Royal Troon is a fact that Lydia Ko won on a LPGA Tour … again. This time, she took a Marathon Classic in 4 additional holes over Ariya Jutanugarn and Mirim Lee.

“It’s been a fun week,” pronounced Ko. “I theory we had to play 4 additional holes for somebody to be holding a trophy, though Mirim and Ariya all had a good week, so it was tough to contend someone deserved a prize some-more than a others.”

Ko is only 19 though with a feat she now has 14 wins on a LPGA Tour. we slapped together this draft that shows how she’s tracking on a gait we’ve never seen before. Not from Tiger Woods. Not from anyone.

This draft shows how many wins any actor had on his or her birthday. So Ko will have during slightest 14 wins on her 20th birthday (which is subsequent April). Tiger had only 15 on his 24th (!) birthday.


Regarding Woods’ 24th birthday: If Ko continues on her stream pace, winning 17 percent of a events in that she plays, she would amass approximately 20 some-more wins by that age, giving her a 34-15 lead on Woods. (Tiger won 26 percent of events in that he played before his 24th birthday, a peppery pace.)

There’s a caveat. Tiger didn’t join a PGA Tour until he was 21 and afterwards won 21 of his initial 81 events. Ko has won 14 of her initial 81. So while what she has finished is considerable during a ancestral level, what Tiger did in a early 2000s was unfathomable. Tiger won 28 of his initial 100 events as a pro; Ko needs to win 14 of a subsequent 19 to review him.

Another premonition is that I’m counting dual years’ value of Ko events that she played as an amateur. Why am we doing this? Well, we have to given she won twice as an amateur. Twice! Something Tiger never did.

No matter how we review a two, it’s transparent both are good golfers and will go down as dual of a best on their particular tours.

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