Los Angeles Lakers starting lineup vs. Minnesota Timberwolves

The Los Angeles Lakers have done their initial vital further of a LeBron James era. No, it is not a star giveaway representative that they are building towards, though Tyson Chandler fills a really genuine hole on this roster. They had been giving backup core mins to unproven players like Johnathan Williams and Ivica Zubac. They have not nonetheless figured out how to urge with a small-ball lineups they built around. Chandler will keep a Lakers afloat while JaVale McGee is on a bench.

And that is a vicious distinction. Chandler is a some-more renowned actor than McGee, though he is not a improved one right now. At 36, he is a backup during this indicate in his career. McGee has been stellar for a Lakers, and Luke Walton is adhering with his starter during that position. That still leaves 4 other roles to fill, and besides LeBron James during one brazen spot, all of those jobs could be snatched by an fervent backup. The Lakers are an unprepared product right now, though here is who they are going with opposite a Minnesota Timberwolves.

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