Los Angeles Lakers: Plan B options that are improved than Kemba Walker

(Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images) – Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers are in bureau of a second superstar, there are no doubts about that and recently a conjecture around Kemba Walker has picked up.

The Los Angeles Lakers are going to be chasing a second luminary this summer to hopefully give a group that final square to not usually put a Lakers in a playoffs though make them bonafide pretension contenders.

Unfortunately for Laker fans, a front bureau substantially will not get a ideal luminary that people were anticipating for. Every large name star has been connected to other teams, with a chances of them fasten a Lakers ostensible slim to none.

Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, Klay Thompson, Kyrie Irving all have copiousness of reasons to pointer with teams other than a Lakers. Heck, even a trade for Anthony Davis seems nearby unfit after a repercussions of a trade discussions this season.

Two other big-name superstars, Jimmy Butler and DeMarcus Cousins, indeed seem to have a sincerely decent shot during signing with a Lakers. However, both guys have their possess issues, that is because they substantially would not get a max understanding from any group other than a Lakers.

All of these factors has authorised Kemba Walker to collect adult steam as a intensity aim for a Lakers. And while a thought of Walker being in LA is intriguing, he unequivocally should not be a team’s devise B.

We have already pacifist in on because a Lakers should equivocate Walker and we can find that here. Today, we are going to demeanour during 3 intensity “plan B” luminary targets that would be improved than Walker.

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