LOOK: Pittsburgh Penguins’ new swap jersey is a golden reversion to a 1980s

The Pittsburgh Penguins have a new third jersey, and they’re a latest of several teams to revisit an comparison epoch with their swap look. The Pens’ new bullion thirds aren’t an accurate reproduction of a 1980s chronicle that they wore from ’81-’85, though they’re flattering damn close. 

The new pattern also incorporates elements from a uniforms 2017 Stadium Series uniform that a Pens wore during Heinz Field opposite a Flyers

Here’s a look:

Some additional info from adidas:

“Creating a signature demeanour for these new thirds, a pattern spotlights a standalone skating penguin on a single-toned bullion sweater. Mixing a past with a present, a resisting black sleeves are highlighted with white and bullion striping that are desirous from a Penguins’ 1984 jerseys, while a letters and numbering counterpart a stream home and divided jerseys. Additional pattern sum embody a sleeve numbers being lifted to a shoulder of a jersey to impersonate a 1980s look.

When a Penguins went behind to their 1980s character demeanour full-time in 2017, it seemed unavoidable that they’d eventually deliver a bullion swap to accompany them. This is flattering most what we were expecting, and it’s a plain look.

The Penguins will wear a uniform 12 times during home this year, with a entrance entrance on Nov 15, when a Penguins take on a Tampa Bay Lightning

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