Lindsey Vonn is rooting for Tiger Woods to make a successful comeback

Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods antiquated from 2013-2015.
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Lindsey Vonn is coming a pivotal indicate in her veteran career. The 33-year-old American skier is set to contest during a 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, her fourth — and utterly presumably her final — Olympic appearance. The stakes seem a bit aloft this time around — not usually given it could be Vonn’s final go, though also given she missed a 2014 Olympics in Sochi due to injury. 

With a 2018 Games only a month away, Vonn is behind in a inhabitant spotlight as one of a many high-profile athletes streamer to Pyeongchang. As a two-time Olympic medalist (including one gold) prepares to lapse to a world’s theatre in South Korea, she has also been asked to simulate on her past and a highway that has led her to this indicate — both on a slopes and in her personal life. 

In a new talk with Sports Illustrated’s Tim Layden, Vonn non-stop adult about her countless scars, that come in a physical, mental and romantic variety. Among a subjects discussed was Vonn’s former boyfriend, Tiger Woods.

Vonn antiquated a golf star for about dual years following Woods’ really nauseous and really open divorce from his ex-wife. Despite a attribute dissolving in 2015, a skier says they sojourn friends and she wishes a best for him relocating forward, during slightest in his veteran career.

Vonn is asked if it was a good thought to date such a famous—and infamous—man. “I mean. . . we was in love,” she says. “I desired him and we’re still friends. Sometimes, we wish he would have listened to me a small more, though he’s really realistic and he likes to go his possess way. we wish this latest quip sticks. we wish he goes behind to winning tournaments.”

Vonn also addressed a hapless advance of remoteness that resulted in bare photos of her and Woods being posted online though their consent, that happened post-breakup.

Vonn’s attribute with Woods piggybacked on his scandals and bearing her into a monster universe of amicable media. “I had to learn to have thicker skin, right away,” says Vonn. In Aug of 2017, bare photos of Vonn, Woods and several other celebrities were leaked online. Woods and Vonn took authorised movement and a photos were pulled down, though not until they had been adult for some-more than 24 hours. “I felt violated,” says Vonn. “I don’t consider there’s anything some-more annoying in a world. Why would someone do that?”

Woods is one of his sport’s many flashy athletes, winning 79 tournaments — including 14 majors — though he has battled a series of personal and veteran setbacks over a years and is still struggling to retrieve his mark among a game’s elite. Woods hasn’t had a PGA Tour contest win given a 2013 Bridgestone Invitational, and he hasn’t won a vital given a 2008 U.S. Open.

The integrate has been by a lot together and there are some career parallels between them, so it’s distinct that Vonn would behind Woods’ possess quip try as she prepares to embark on her possess in Pyeongchang. 

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