Life after Carmelo Anthony starts for rebuilding Knicks

1:59 AM ET

NEW YORK — At some indicate in a past week, Kristaps Porzingis and Carmelo Anthony exchanged content messages.

Porzingis didn’t wish to get into a specifics of his review with Anthony, though he did share one regard Anthony done about his new home.

“He pronounced it’s different. It’s opposite for him now,” Porzingis pronounced late Tuesday night. “It’s a opposite team, all is different.”

Things are opposite for a New York Knicks as well, of course.

For a initial time in scarcely 7 years, a Knicks played a diversion though Anthony on a roster. Nigel Hayes and Luke Kornet were pity Anthony’s aged locker during Madison Square Garden. Porzingis took his mark in pregame introductions.

But it was transparent on Tuesday that replacing Anthony on a justice won’t be as easy. New York mislaid a preseason opener 115-107 to a Brooklyn Nets. Nearly 1,400 miles away, Anthony was starting his new NBA life with Oklahoma City. He had 19 points in a Thunder’s preseason detriment to a Houston Rockets.

The Knicks’ detriment to Brooklyn total to be a initial of many prolonged nights for a Knicks group that’s rebuilding in a arise of a Anthony trade.

“We have a small work to do,” Knicks manager Jeff Hornacek pronounced after his bar authorised 93 points in a initial 3 buliding to a Nets.

Some bad shot preference and trashy fringe invulnerability harm New York over prolonged stretches of a second and third buliding in a preseason opener. Brooklyn built an 18-point lead in that camber thanks, in part, to several open looks from over a arc (the Nets strike 4 of 6 3-pointers in a third quarter).

New York authorised a Nets to strike 16 of 32 3s altogether — a outcome of bad one-on-one invulnerability formulating vulnerabilities in a defense, Hornacek said.

Of course, it’s usually a initial preseason game. The Knicks have copiousness of time to iron out mistakes on invulnerability from Tuesday. (Whether they have a crew to play plain NBA invulnerability is another question, of course.)

If this deteriorate is about building for a future, there were a few reasons to be confident about a Knicks’ play opposite Brooklyn.

Rookie Frank Ntilikina didn’t fire good in his entrance though his teammates and Hornacek praised him for traffic with vigour well, using a offense and creation decisions. Ntilikina finished with 5 points, 3 assists and dual turnovers in 18 minutes.

The Knicks’ starting section (Porzingis, Tim Hardaway Jr., Kyle O’Quinn, Doug McDermott, Ramon Sessions) played good in a opening mins as a Knicks led by 8 mid by a first. New York had 14 assists on 21 done margin goals in a initial half. Hardaway changed a round good in transition early on and shot good from over a arc (5-for-11).

There are now 4 preseason games — and dozens of use hours — left before a Knicks open a deteriorate opposite Anthony and a Thunder in Oklahoma City on Oct. 19. Hornacek and his staff will demeanour during opposite lineups and defensive pairings over a preseason to figure out that groups work good together and that should be eschewed. They’ll try to iron out mistakes on invulnerability and exercise a residue of a new offense. And they’ll figure out an optimal rotation.

“There’s a lot of things we’ll see on that tape, we’ll uncover a guys and we’ll work on it,” Hornacek said.

Then a lights will come on in Oklahoma City — and life though Anthony starts in earnest. If Tuesday night is any indication, it won’t be easy.

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