Le’Veon Bell’s agreement conditions proves NFL free-agency unequivocally isn’t free, even for superstars

You’re substantially insane during luminary using behind Le’Veon Bell for rejecting a five-year offer from a Steelers on Monday that would have reportedly paid him $42 million over a initial 3 years.

Why are we insane during Bell, though?

Unless things get truly nauseous between now and a commencement of a 2017 unchanging season, Bell will play for a Steelers to a balance of $12.1 million, as per the authorization tag a group slapped a All-Pro with progressing in a spring.

And if 2017 sees Bell continue to play during a same turn he’s been behaving during given 2014, he’ll expected be tagged for a second time and sojourn a Steeler in 2018, finish with a income of roughly $14.5 million.

Bell’s offer from a Steelers competence have averaged $14 million over a subsequent 3 seasons—including $15 million over a initial two—but as has already been settled by some, nobody knows how most of that income was guaranteed.

We do know Bell will positively make $12.1 million subsequent deteriorate and $14.5 after that, if he stays healthy and/or out of trouble.

When it comes right down to it, by “betting on himself,” (the new hum word per a ultra-talented using and his stance), Bell is saying, “Hey, we consider I’m value during slightest $26.5 million, and after I’m finished creation that much, I’ll acquire some-more in Pittsburgh or somewhere else.”

Again, we competence be insane during Bell, though why? Because he didn’t pointer his life divided for a subsequent half-decade?

By doing so, he would have given divided all of his leverage, interjection to a inlet of NFL contracts joined with a wear and rip suffered by a normal using back; Bell would have been during a forgiveness of a group down-the-road, had it motionless it didn’t wish to respect a generation of a deal.

You see, when it comes to NFL free-agency, a loyal superstars don’t have a same energy that a tip players in other leagues do.

Yes, Bell will usually about double a salary of Bills‘ using behind LeSean McCoy in 2017, though how do we know a former wouldn’t have tripled a latter in earnings, had a former been giveaway to emporium his services to a tip bidder this season, his fifth as a veteran football actor and his initial as an unlimited free-agent?

Can we suppose a tip free-agents in other veteran sports leagues being hindered by something like a authorization tag?

Three years ago, Max Scherzer of a Detroit Tigers was one of a best pitchers in Major League Baseball. He was also a free-agent, though notwithstanding coming a age of 30, Scherzer was means to money in on his talents and sealed a seven-year, $210 million dollar agreement with a Washington Nationals.

The best part?

Thanks to a inlet of MLB deals, Scherzer’s agreement is fully-guaranteed, and he’ll be paid any cent of it by a age of 36.

And it doesn’t matter that a pitcher’s health is mostly indeterminate (especially after a age of 30), and Scherzer could be a bombard of his former self by a time he approaches a final years of his contract.

If that were to happen, a Nationals would be on a losing finish and expected forced to eat half of Scherzer’s income in sequence to unpack him to some other group in a unfortunate trade.

How most step do we consider Bell, 25, will have left on his self-evident tires by a time he reaches a age of 30?

According to an essay published by Livestrong.com, the normal length of an NFL using back’s career is 2.57 years.

Based on his series of years in a joining (four) and a volume of games he’s played (47), Bell is already vital on borrowed time for a position he plays. Thankfully for him, he’s still unequivocally most during a tip of his game.

Unfortunately for Bell, he can’t max-out his earning potential.

Ever consternation since NFL free-agency unequivocally frequency produces loyal “winners” any February, notwithstanding pseudo winners being named by a likes of ESPN any March?

Ever consternation since we don’t see fans holding adult signs such as “Why (insert iconic actor here) why?” any fall, when a mega-superstar who is in his primary comes behind as an hostile player?

Ever consternation since whole NFL fan bases don’t go nuts, like a Cavaliers fans did when LeBron James done his “decision” in 2010?

It’s since a tip superstars don’t get to change a landscape of a NFL any year, interjection to a aforementioned authorization tab that Bell now contingency play underneath this year and…perhaps subsequent year?

If Bell suffers a inauspicious damage in 2017 (an ACL or second MCL would positively qualify), he unequivocally wouldn’t get slapped with a authorization tab opposite subsequent year.

In-fact, he would substantially turn a free-agent. Only problem with that is he’d be deliberate shop-worn goods, and certainly wouldn’t authority anywhere nearby a $14.5 million a second authorization tab would garner.

Therefore, unless a Steelers new agreement offer to Bell guaranteed him $26.5 million (and that seems rarely unlikely), can we unequivocally censure him for rejecting it and opting to play for a $12.1 million in 2017?

You competence resent Bell for that, though he’s usually looking out for himself.

After all, fans tend to pierce on when a player’s best days are behind him.

And we all know teams always pierce on.

Le’Veon Bell usually has one palm to play when it comes to maximizing his career earnings.

Can we unequivocally censure him for going all in?

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