LeBron James in astonishment of Michael Phelps’ swimming ability

Who can stay underwater a longest? Not LeBron James, if he were competing against Michael Phelps.

The Cavaliers star met with a Olympic swimmer Sunday, after Phelps watched Cleveland kick a Suns, and explained his awe of Phelps’ lung capacity.

“We speak about we during a crib so much, man,” James told Phelps, per ESPN. “You are literally a fish. Literally. Like, we have no thought how we do what we do. You would really win a diversion that me and my boys play — let’s see who can stay underneath a H2O a longest and not come up.

“You’re not invited to that game, by a way.”

During a game, James forked to Phelps after a ambidextrous produce asperse in a fourth quarter.

“Just noticing greatness, that’s all that’s about,” James pronounced of his curtsy to a 23-time bullion medalist.

Phelps positively enjoyed a acknowledgement.

“It was awesome,” Phelps said, per ESPN. “Being means to come watch these guys play is always a provide and they gave us so most adore over in The (Olympic) Games and being means to only come and see them when they’re here in Phoenix is, like we said, a loyal provide to come and watch.”

Just don’t design an entice into James’ pool, Michael.

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