LeBron James Free Agency Rumors: Lakers, Celtics Other Potential Landing Spots after Finals Sweep

The Golden State Warriors have been crowned NBA champions for a third time in 4 years after unconditional a Cleveland Cavaliers.

Kevin Durant won his second Finals MVP in a quarrel after his Warriors kick a Cavaliers by 23 points in Cleveland on Friday night. Stephen Curry dominated a diversion with 37 points and 3 steals while Durant walked divided with a triple double (20 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists).

Cavaliers luminary LeBron James demeanour morose though still managed to measure 23 points, squeeze 7 rebounds and collect 8 assists. The large doubt now, however, is will James ever play for Cleveland again?

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Rumors have been abundant all deteriorate that James will opt out of his agreement with a Cavs and turn an unlimited representative this summer. Despite a mid-season trade shakeup directed during revitalizing a team—which did eventually get them behind to a NBA Finals—the Cavaliers looked distant brief of Golden State.

If James wants to go sport for a fourth ring, a accord is he will have to leave Cleveland. But given Akron, Ohio is his hometown, it might be a harder choice than people cruise to leave.

Here are a many expected destinations (not in order) for LeBron James following a 2017/18 season:

Los Angeles Lakers:

There is something quite appealing about a splendid lights of Hollywood. Looking over basketball, James would be means to build his code while personification for one of a premier franchises in a league.

He already owns homes in Los Angeles and could serve his film career. He played a ancillary purpose in a film Trainwreck with Amy Schumer.

Then we can demeanour during a basketball reasons. The Lakers have a immature group with copiousness of top size. James could join a side and still leave adequate income for another luminary to join—Paul George seems likely.

Los Angeles would serve James’ options post career while also giving him a pretty clever group to follow another ring with.

Houston Rockets:

The idea here is simple: winning. James Harden and a Rockets came within one win of confronting James in a Finals this season. They fell to a Warriors in Houston.

It was an hapless outcome for a Rockets, they mislaid Chris Paul to damage for a final games of a series. Many fans are substantially still wondering “what if”.

If James were to join a group with dual superstars, that came within one diversion of defeating Golden State, he might finally have a possibility to beatt a Warriors again. The Rockets are arguably James’ best possibility during another title.

Philadelphia 76ers:

Speaking of clever teams to join, a 76ers are a good choice for James. With a immature core of Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid, James could container in as a maestro and blank square of a puzzle.

Embiid has already been active in perplexing to partisan James to Philadelphia:

Staying in a easterly would also be of advantage to James. For years now, a Western Conference has been harder to get through. Battling possibly a Warriors or Rockets before even reaching a Conference Finals could be too most to handle.

One other thing to mention, James has fake a clever manager attribute with Simmons. Playing together, with some of a vigour off, might be accurately what James wants.

San Antonio Spurs:

James has always oral rarely of Spurs manager Gregg Popovich. Just this year, he referred to a maestro manager as one of his “all-time favorite people.” It also doesn’t harm that San Antonio have been a hugely successful authorization over a past 20 years.

If a Spurs can arrange out their issues with Kawhi Leonard, bringing in James would launch San Antonio behind into a area of championship contention.

Cleveland Cavaliers:

Don’t count out Cleveland only yet. Immediately following a diversion 4 loss, James was asked about his imminent preference and either or not he would leave a Cavaliers. He had this to say:

“The one thing that I’ve always finished is cruise my family. Especially where my boys are during this stage, they were a lot younger final time we done this preference 4 years ago. I’ve got a teenage boy, a pre-teen and a small lady right now that wasn’t around as well. Sitting down and deliberation everything, my family is a outrageous partial of what we confirm to do.”

If his family is staid in Ohio, James might confirm to stay. It’s also value remembering James can make some-more income re-signing with a Cavs afterwards relocating anywhere else.

Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors:

These dual get mentioned together since they are a clarification of a prolonged shot.

Kyrie Irving only changed to Boston to pierce out of James’ shade and turn a personality of a time. It expected won’t lay good with him if a Celtics pierce James into a side.

According to Stephen A. Smith, James will also cruise assembly with a Warriors. This seems only as doubtful a pierce deliberation Golden State’s top space would be subsequent to nothing. Durant is also formulation to opt out of his agreement and pointer a improved understanding with a Warriors this summer.

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