Leandro Barbosa shares story of Shaquille O’Neal chasing Suns tutor naked

Throughout his Hall of Fame career, Shaquille O’Neal grown a clever repute as being utterly a laughable man behind his singular clarity of humor.

There have been many behind-the-scenes stories told about O’Neal’s humorous side by several teammates over a years. Phoenix Suns ensure Leandro Barbosa is a latest to give another version about a Big Diesel around the Players’ Tribune.

Shaq was a frightful dude, for sure. But once we see somebody naked, we only see a opposite side of them. You prepared for this story? You’re not ready.

It’s a diversion day, early in a afternoon. Shaq picks me adult since we’re both streamer to a trainer’s room to get some work finished before tip-off. We get to a locker room, take a garments off and go over to a rehab room. But a tutor isn’t there. We wait 15 minutes. We’re all there in towels, only sitting around waiting. Shaq is kind of dissapoint during this point. So he takes off his towel (not certain why) and heads down to a trainer’s office. He opens a doorway and is like, “Are we coming? Or am we going to have to collect we adult and take you?”

At first, a tutor can’t tell if Shaq is joking or not. Shaq takes a few stairs closer and a tutor knows he’s not. So a tutor takes off — sprinting down a hall.

Shaq follows him, of course. Still buck-ass naked. Now Shaq is in a passed scurry down a hallway, using past locus workers and other staff, screaming during a tip of his lungs. This is a normal business day. It’s a weekday.

Everyone is in central Suns rigging or in suits. Shaq is in his birthday suit.

Just design that, if we dare.

Future Hall of Famer, one of a biggest large group to ever play a diversion of basketball. And here he was, naked, chasing a small little tutor by a locus halls. we consider a follow lasted 15 minutes. Which is a prolonged time for a Big Nude Cactus to be lax in a arena.

That’s my friend, that’s Shaq.

As violent as this story seems, there are several other ones like it involving O’Neal being in his birthday suit. Former Los Angeles Lakers conduct manager Phil Jackson has settled on countless occasions that three-time NBA Finals MVP would uncover adult to use in a bare or wearing only his shoes.

There are expected dozens of crazy infinite stories out there about O’Neal during his career that would tumble in with Barbosa’s story. He is a jaunty chairman off a court, though on it, he was one of a many widespread players that a joining had ever seen.

During his heyday, he was an unstoppable force on a justice that saw him steamroll to 3 true NBA titles with a Lakers and helped beam a Miami Heat to their initial one in franchise history a few years later.

All in all, this only another waggish story about O’Neal’s laughable side that has done him of a league’s many dear players.

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