Leading NFL in drafted Pro Bowlers isn’t many extraordinary thing Cowboys have finished over past 15 years

So, yes, a few things here:

1) we agree, Pro Bowls are a unequivocally messy approach to magnitude quality. Every year, a cliche is that everybody gets to go to a Pro Bowl. It doesn’t infer anything. We all agree.

2) The NFL normal is 29 per team, and a Cowboys have 62??? Seriously? Yes.

3) Let me stop we before we contend it. Sixty-two Pro Bowls did not unequivocally interpret to playoff wins or a Super Bowl. We get that. Everybody does. If we were forced to select between good players and a good team, we would always take a team. But, usually, carrying good players helps make a good team. That is what is uncanny about this.

4) It should be forked out that from 2002-16, there have been just eight teams in a NFL with some-more regular-season wins than a Cowboys: The Patriots, Colts, Steelers, Packers, Broncos, Eagles, Seahawks and Ravens. So, while many act like a Cowboys have been bad during this widen “since a ‘Triplets,'” we should during slightest indicate out that on a winning commission basis, they are still a top-10 group during their “down time” at 131-109 over those 15 seasons. Pretty good, to be honest.

5) Second place is Kansas City. Also surprising, and also no genuine postseason achievements of note during this stretch. And a Chiefs indeed are sub-.500 during that stretch.

So, how do they get to 62? Well, Jason Witten has 10 and DeMarcus Ware had nine. Roy Williams and Andre Gurode each went five times. Tyron Smith and Jay Ratliff are both during four. So, we already have 37. Zack Martin, Travis Frederick, Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray are all during 3 apiece. That puts we during 49. So, usually with those names, we already are improved than any other group in football. Sean Lee and Terrance Newman each have two, and afterwards nine more guys any have left once.

And this series does not even embody Tony Romo. Romo was undrafted, so he is not included. If we unequivocally wish to run adult a score, we would put Romo’s four Pro Bowls — 2006-07, 2009 and 2014 — to get to 66. Again, this is not to advise anything some-more than we find it amazing. The whole joining thinks removing to 40 is impressive. The Cowboys have 66.

But, again, what does a Pro Bowl even mean? Anyone of us who follow football know that All-Pro teams are a genuine bar. That should tell us a loyal story. Only 22 players each year make the All-Pro initial group that puts guys into a Hall of Fame. One of a top honors a football actor can receive.

SOOOOOOO, let’s run this investigate behind with usually first-team All-Pro honors from drafted players for any group from a 2002-16 drafts (to a right, for those on desktop):

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