LaMarcus Aldridge 2016-17 Season review: he was improved than we might think

LaMarcus Aldridge entered his second Spurs deteriorate by a mist of pale trade rumors and finished it underneath a charge of energetic jeers. In between he dealt with a heart arrhythmia and knee issues, while being a second-best actor on a league’s second-best team. Anyone looking for another strike square might wish to try here. Or here. Or Twitter. But as one of a frolicsome holdovers still looking to repopulate LaMarcus Island, we don’t share a same vitriol for a guy. Nor do we consider he did too bad a pursuit final season, all things considered.

The story of LaMarcus Island isn’t one of degradation, though rather about a place that time is commencement to pass by. It’s structure stays solid; a systems are some-more or reduction as fit as ever. Its lights are fading, though that’s to be approaching — all fades on LaMarcus Island.

The appetite brazen position keeps elaborating while Aldridge’s descent diversion has remained some-more or reduction a same — it’s satisfactory to lift that critique opposite a man on a max contract. It’s also satisfactory to design some-more than a 12.8% miscarry rate out of your starting four, and to be a small miffed when a same shots he’s been holding all his career don’t fall.

But watch Aldridge during his best — either it’s Games 1 or 2 opposite a Thunder final year or his glorious array opposite a Rockets a deteriorate before — and we don’t see a considerably opposite player. It’s a same 19-footers, a same post-up moves, a same turn of effort, though mostly a opposite multiply of large group that he’s facing, violence him down a building and to his spots on a block.

And while many of his numbers, including scoring, resilient and field-goal percentage, did tumble from final deteriorate to this one, they’ve also come with one vital improvement.

The Spurs owned a league’s best defensive rating once again final season. That happened with Pau Gasol replacing Tim Duncan for a large partial of a year and guys like Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili usually removing older. Even Kawhi Leonard was reduction of an impactful defender as he shifted his RAM towards being one of a league’s best descent players.

Aldridge was an anchor for a defense, and one of a league’s best edge protectors by all of final year to boot. But you’ll frequency hear his name mentioned in a same exhale as Draymond Green, Rudy Gobert or Hassan Whiteside. Maybe it’s that his stops come by a Duncanian economy of appetite and motion, that he gets his blocks next a rim, or that he occasionally celebrates afterward. Plays like a following didn’t make any prominence tapes, though they were a pointed deathstroke for a Spurs invulnerability that would mostly hook though not break.

Aldridge has been roasted for a “horrific” postseason that had a following numbers: 16.5 points, 7.4 rebounds, 1.5 assists, 45.8% FG shooting. And he was positively bad opposite Golden State; he struggled opposite double teams, customarily staid for turnaround jumpers, and disregarded a Spurs’ viewed next-man-up paradigm, by remaining a number-two actor after a number-one choice went down.

He was also a soldier opposite a Grizzlies’ crew of bigs and a best actor in a series-clinching subjection of a Rockets, that pushed a Spurs into a discussion finals and helped indurate a initial post-Duncan deteriorate as an incontrovertible success.

Fans wanted some-more from Aldridge final season, and in some ways he did come adult short. But most of a displeasure seems to omit a ways in that he’s looked to adjust his diversion to a new group situation, and a understated value he delivered defensively. When we cause that in, it’s easier to conclude what he did in 2016-17, and what he can do for a Spurs relocating forward.

2016-17 numbers: 17.3 PPG, 7.3 RPG, 1.9 APG, 1.2 BPG, 47.7 FG%

2016-17 salary: $20.6 million

Contract situation: Two some-more years, ~$48 million

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