Lakers Video: Shaquille O’Neal Takes Jab At Big Baller Brand With …

Shaquille O'Neal
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The Los Angeles Lakers have had many characters via their resplendent authorization history. However, maybe no celebrity has stranded out some-more than Hall-of-Famer Shaquille O’Neal. The four-time champion has demonstrated his larger-than-life celebrity large times, with a comedic timing that knows no bounds.

O’Neal has finished many waggish antics via his 19-year career, using divided with a pretension as a many waggish actor in a National Basketball Association. Although O’Neal is noticed by many as a many widespread force in a story of basketball, he was always means to uncover a lighter side when in a gentle environment and with his teammates.

Recently, Shaq has gotten into a bit of a written squabble with LaVar Ball, father of Lakers rookie indicate ensure Lonzo Ball. Shaq even challenged LaVar and youngest son LaMelo to a diversion of 2-on-2 opposite himself and his son Shareef. Now O’Neal has taken another poke during LaVar and a Big Baller Brand via his Instagram:

Boy was resplendent wasn’t he #whatarethose #shineonem #feetwork #shaqshoestherealbigballerbrand

A post common by DR. SHAQUILLE O’NEAL Ed.D. (@shaq) on Jul 20, 2017 during 11:46am PDT

The video itself is submissive adequate with Shaq display off his dance moves in a span of light-up shoes. But a Hall of Famer couldn’t assistance himself by including a hashtag ‘Shaq boots a genuine Big Baller Brand.’

O’Neal is participating in a white wardrobe party, including a stylish white fedora to span with a flashing shoes. The 45-year-old took a dance building and used his stellar dance moves to emanate utterly a attraction, clearly always branch into a life of a party.

This isn’t a initial time O’Neal has gotten artistic with his shoes, when holding a demeanour behind during his prior All-Star antics. During a 2005 All-Star Game, O’Neal had a span of boots that also worked as a telephone. He presented this shoe to associate All-Star Allen Iverson, who couldn’t trust it when he listened noises entrance from a shoe.

Whether or not a play between Shaq and LaVar Ball continues is anyone’s guess. With this being a some-more pointed shot, it is really probable it gets swept underneath a rug.

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