Lakers Video: Shaquille O’Neal Recalls Searching Elgin Baylor On Google To Learn About Him

The Los Angeles Lakers honored another of their authorization icons by phenomenon an Elgin Baylor statue. Baylor assimilated Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Chick Hearn, Magic Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal and Jerry West as Lakers who are enshrined in Star Plaza outward Staples Center.

The rite drew a who’s who of NBA royalty, many particularly former Boston Celtics good Bill Russell. Abdul-Jabbar, Johnson, O’Neal and West were among those to pronounce during a eventuality that was emceed by Stu Lantz.

While Abdul-Jabbar, Johnson and of march West were good wakeful of usually how gifted Baylor was, O’Neal was of a opposite generation. “Elgin, I’m a small immature to now about you,” he said.

“But when we listen to guys like Magic Johnson, Dr. J, and (Michael) Jordan speak about a greats, your name always came up. So finally we Googled you.

“And let me say, we were a bad man. Seventy-one points? we usually had 61. Executive of a Year, Rookie of a Year, and we did all that while in a Army Reserve. we never knew that. … And, you’re a good looking dude!”

Baylor was comparison by Minneapolis No. 1 altogether in a 1958 Draft. He fast done an impact, averaging 24.9 points per game, 15 rebounds and 4.1 assists en track to earning Rookie of a Year.

Baylor is a Lakers’ all-time heading rookie scorer with 1,742 points. Overall, a Hall-of-Famer ranks initial in authorization story in rebounds (11,463), third in points (23,149) and sixth in assists (3,650).

Baylor averaged 30 points in any of a initial 3 seasons after a group changed to Los Angeles. His stardom is credited for gripping a authorization afloat. Baylor’s 61 points opposite a Boston Celtics in Game 5 of a 1962 NBA Finals still resides as an all-time record.

He was 11-time All-Star over a camber of a 14-year career that was spent wholly with a Lakers franchise. They late Baylor’s No. 22 jersey on Nov. 9, 1963.

“This is really well-deserved,” O’Neal said. “I can remember being in high propagandize and they always talked about a Laker greats. Your name always came up, no questions asked. I’m respected to be here.”

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