Lakers Video: Shaquille O’Neal Arm Wrestles Charles Barkley, Two Champions On ‘Inside The NBA’

Shaquille O'Neal, Charles Barkley
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The organisation of ‘Inside a NBA’ always finds some fun things for a hosts to get into in between deliberating all of a tip basketball topics of a day. More mostly than not those engage Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley.

O’Neal and Barkley are always going behind and onward each night, though this time they found a new approach to settle a measure in a form of arm wrestling. Shaq is apparently one of a biggest, strongest players to ever step feet in a league, and Barkley is no slump possibly so it would seem to make for a decent matchup.

Not usually did Shaq face off conflicting Barkley, he would afterwards take on dual Arm Wrestling World Champions in Ian Carnegie and Devon Larratt, creation for a good segment, that Inside a NBA common onTwitter.

It was positively interesting to see Shaq explode Barkley and even take out Carnegie, proof only how ridiculously clever he is.

However, it was a bit of a warn to hear Shaq explain to be left-handed. Throughout his whole career he always shot right-handed so preferring a conflicting off a justice was positively unexpected.

The arm strength of these champions is truly a steer to spy as once Shaq squared off with them on their right hand, he couldn’t pierce them. The thought of people only being means to travel off a travel and contest with professionals should finish after examination this video.

Shaq is a weird of inlet for even entrance tighten to competing with these champs, and a fact that he was means to kick down on Barkley one some-more time is value a views by itself.


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